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  1. Fantastic read, thanks for posting.
  2. -Summer window 3-4 senior 2-3 youth -Winter window sometimes 1 senior 0 youth
  3. I really like this patch. The match engine looks amazing so far. (26 matches played)
  4. I would love to have it back as it was in FM14, especially players that come back from long injuries. For example in FM15 it"s unrealistic that when a injured player is nurtured back to match fitness he suddenly gets unhappy with playing time. Surely he cannot expect to start matches with 55% match fitness. This never happened in FM14.
  5. It's a known bug and SI have said that they are working on it. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/413410-Reviewed-Pitch-bug
  6. IMHO I would let him go and get that Rangers striker instead. If you really want to keep him, you can always try to offer him a better contract "if possible budgetwise", that sometimes does the trick to keep them happy enough to stay.
  7. Could be anything really, I have a very wide taste when it comes to music. At this moment Blondie: Kung Fu girls.
  8. Staff and players ability changes?

    Yes players have also had changes. For example Ronaldo's composure and Pepe's pace have been upped.
  9. your greatest ever signing

    Fresh in memory, Mesut Özil in FM12 when he was 27 for Shalke04 for €9m. (he was my only signing that summer) I was struggling for 3 seasons to get them anywhere but he made such a huge impact that all of a sudden we went unbeaten for 25 matches in a row and only dropped 5 points in an entire season.
  10. I think what you need, is to start a game with a team in lower league, like Blue Square N/S, that has absolutely no money and rep to buy any decent youth player. It takes a lot more patience and sometimes a little luck to get them going. I find it much more enjoyable when I do win something. I do agree with you that it's still too easy when all things go your way but compared to previous FM's I think FM13 is a step in the right direction. I have a journeyman save where I got sacked twice in 11 seasons. That's the first time since FM9 that I got sacked and I've never been sacked twice ever, so it's not always that easy. I agree with you about player attributes that it should be made harder to see the exact numbers, especially the current and potential star rating. AI still has problems building and maintaining a squad and yes you can find good players for free but I doubt that a difficulty level would change any of that because it's a issue that is around for so long now and I'm sure that SI tries to make the AI as good as possible. Also as a veteran player you will always feel like it's too easy, unfortunately nothing will change that.
  11. I would go for i7 simply because it's 5+2! On a serious note: i7 will more likely become the standard in the near future now that sales of pc's that are equipped with i7 cpu's have almost doubled last quarter. So in short we might see more and more developers start implementing hyperthreading into games. If you want to keep it affordable a i7 2700k costs around 270 € and will basically meet all your needs for FM. However if you want a cpu that can run for example Far Cry 3 in highest settings you need at least a i7 970, the cheapest 6 core/ 12 thread cpu, price is around 590 €. About ram 6 or 8gb is best to start with, you can always buy more later on. Make sure you have a motherboard that supports the CPU you want and your set to go. And don't forget the importance of your power supply unit. My previous computer was unfortunately build with a PSU that wasn't high enough for my GPU and by the time I found out I already had to replace it.
  12. Anderlecht also signed Samuel Armenteros from Heracles this winter while he already signed to join them for free at the end of his contract later this summer. They wanted to make sure they had a backup striker because Mbokani was playing in the Africa cup so they negotiated with Heracles if he could be transfered immediately (for a transfer fee of course). I agree with Clausdk and hope to see this feature be implemented in the future.
  13. I don't think that the many long shots that we see is the real problem with the ME now. I think that because of players unwilling to play through passes when they should and instead take the option to shoot is the real issue. This can also explain the lack of 1v1 chances. If there are more through passes (more risky passes included), then a % of them will get intercepted, so we would get automatically less shots on goal and more specifically the long shots taken will be reduced. The stats now globally are about 10-15% to many shots a game (AI matches included). I understand that it must be very hard to get the balance right, especially with a new ME. Not only do we expect that the ME looks like realistic football, we also expect that the match stats are as realistic as possible. SI has a though task but I'm positive that they will get there.
  14. My first impression (only 4 matches played): So, we do can defend a lead. I was having all sorts of nightmares previously whenever we got near the end of a game when leading by one goal. Animations look much more fluent and the passing is improved. Number of shots on goal increased a little, but looks normal to me. I'm happy with my DMC now, I was thinking of selling my dmc's and change my tactics but I'm glad I don't have to. The grass is still green, the sky is still blue and Messi and Ronaldo still scoring for fun. On the negative side: Crossing: looks like they are going to much towards the far post for my taste. (maybe because of my tactics)