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    Life long Jambo....The future\'s bright...the future\'s Maroon!

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    Hearts, Football, Women! Drink.....should there be anything else?! Istarted playing Champ in \'92...

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  1. Sacked for the first time!!!

    Is your name John Collins? Mixu? Calderwood? Fenlon?Sorry, couldnt resist!! Most times when I play a save in the SPL (as Hearts of course) I find it difficult, but the current one is the total opposite because its too easy and getting boring!
  2. Tycoon Takeovers

    It wasnt a tycoon of sorts but a consortium, headed by Oliver Beirhof, took over my Hearts save at the end of the first season, cleared a load of debt and chucked in a few million to help fund rebuilding the squad. Also has spent around 15m adding 15k seats to the stadium. Also, sort of related....I know in older versions the chairman sometimes took matters into his own hands and signed the odd star player....does this still happen?
  3. What team can't you wait to play with on FM13

    Probably the same for me, however normally that is to challenge the OF, but seeing as I've managed that pretty easily in FM12 I may look to a LLM save, probably in England.
  4. Problem creating new leagues - help please guys

    Post the link on here, and on the FM12 thread on you know what forum...sure others will be interested in trying it once we know its working! Cheers
  5. Problem creating new leagues - help please guys

    If you get it working, which I hope you do, please put a link up as I'd be eager to try it!
  6. Thought the 3D looked good when I seen it, but I think they only brought it in because fans were wanting it, but went back to dots pretty soon after...I just liked seeing the different stadiums and stuff. Now, due to my PC packing in about six months ago and more important things to spend my money on (bills & alcohol) I currently have an absolute shed of a PC I use which doesnt even give me the option to use 3D...so its dots all the way for me, and plus its by far the easiest way to study how your tactics/formations/players are doing during the game.
  7. This has annoyed me also, surely it should only be for new players...not ones who have been at the club for years!
  8. FM12 Heart of Midlothian FC - Forever we remember

    Someone mentioned to me elsewhere that after being released he usuaully retires?!
  9. Football Manager Firsts

    In my current save (only third season), I managed a few 'firsts' Won the SPL with Hearts in first season - as this is my team I always have a save but never manage to break the Old Firm hold on Scottish Football. Thats usually why I accept a job elsewhere when teams come in! In the same season as above I won the treble...that is the first time in any domestic save I have won all trophies on offer - may not sound a big deal to some, trust me...try starting a save with Hearts and you'll see how hard it is...especially with losing almost a million a month! Same save again - every game I have played over the years the club have never expanded the stadium (rightly as in real life we can't due to restrictions), but managed to get them to add 3,000 seats.
  10. FM12 Heart of Midlothian FC - Forever we remember

    Well the impossible happened, after losing at home to ICT I managed to get the point I needed at Darkheid which made it all so sweet! The Cup Final was a tense affair with Rangers 1-0 up until about ten mins to go when Webster rose like a salmon to get us level, the game went to extra time and another goal from a corner, this time Beattie, secured was is easily my best ever acheivement at FM...the Treble. Start of the next season manage to beat Hapoel and some random team to make the group stages, but got drawn with Liverpool/Sporting Lisbon/Panathanikos, already lost at Anfield 2-0...but more importantly got just under £7m from reaching the group stages, the attendance money is about £500k every home match and as the big Chairman loan of £700k a month is finished the bank balance is looking good. Not spent a penny in the transfer market, sold Sutton to Birmingham for £600k and the young star I found Anakouna (i think) for £3.2m to Everton. Got a few loans in (Amos/Cunningham/Pogba/Amuzak) who have all strolled into the first team. Shakey start in the SPL, sitting fourth after five games. Its all about getting the bank balance sorted this season and qualify for Europe, last season was a fluke even I know that but give it a couple of more seasons I think we'll be battling for all fronts....unless a club comes in from elsewhere and I hate not having money to spend (Hearts board have game me £600k which is no use so just going to leave it)!!
  11. FM12 Heart of Midlothian FC - Forever we remember

    As for my save...Beat Celtic in the Semi Final of the Scottish Cup to line up a final with Rangers in the final (they beat Hibs in other Semi). Title wise, nine points clear with four games to go - this would be the first time in all my 10+ years of playing FM that I would win the treble with Hearts
  12. FM12 Heart of Midlothian FC - Forever we remember

    Started a fresh save once the update was done... Approaching the split in my first season at Hearts, just won the League Cup with a 3-1 win over the Hobo's at Hampden, followed that up with beating them 6-1 at Easter Road two weeks later! Currently sitting seven points clear of Celtic in the league with the split just a couple of games away...in the Semi's of the Scottish Cup and have Celtic in that game too. The club was taken over in January by Oliver Beifhoff and his consortium who have pumped in £3.5m to help the clubs debts although even in the last few months back down to -£1.8m....NO players with any sale value. On the plus side (and I am not sure if this changed when the takeover happened) but t he £970k monthly loan ends at the end of this season....so will only have to compete with the small £260k one...those figures are approx as cant remember exact figures. I decided to sign a couple of the more experienced ones on longer deals (Kello/Webster/Driver/Beattie) and gave new deals to what I see as my main players through the next season or two's building (Gowser, Temps, Holt, Ridgers and Pryc...) I have Man Utd/Man City as Parent Clubs so hope to snap up a few good loans. I swooped for some young Mali lad Amakouna as my first signing (free) and only on £1,200 a week till 2016 and the lad (poor stats) has banged in 35 goals in 37 games - value rocketed from £0 to £500k already, but cant sell him due to his goals!! What is everyone else's experiences with wee bawbag Craig Thomson....I have tried to sell him, tried to give him away for free...tried to release him, yet he is still here collecting his wages - still gets called up for the Scotland U21's - I even tried to offer him a new deal to see what he wanted but no interest from him at all Had to get rid of the big earners so KK, Rudi, Medi, Barr, Suso, Sutton will all be on their way...think all will just have their contracts run down as its almost impossible to sell anyone since the bloody update. Adrian and Jamie Mac asked for mutual terminations of their contract...so they got it as I was cheesed off at the amount of moaning they done when not playing! Anyway, back to my save to see if I cant snap up a couple of gems on a pre-contract and see out the rest of my season...the Treble is still on!!
  13. SPL too easy

    Try going Hearts then....tiny wage budget (£80k a week), no money to spend, not much you can do even if you sell a couple of the more valuable players...mainly because they lose around a million a month in paying back loans?! Not just because they are my team, but Hearts is one of the challenges in the SPL.
  14. FM12 Heart of Midlothian FC - Forever we remember

    I have read elsewhere that Vlad does go in various saves...one he just handed the reigns to Roman (his son) with no change in financies....another where some bloke took over pumped in £3.5m and wanted to bring in Gordon Strachan in, the guy who was in charge did keep his job though! Also seen people saying its very difficult to sell players for any decent value since the update....however, there are meant to be loads of good free's available.