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  1. some gr8 ideas here, i just think they may have fallen on deaf ears. NO ONE FROM SI HAS CONFIRMED THEY'VE LOOKED AT THIS.
  2. there are some top ideas here: my faves being - media interviews after matches - starting off as Under 18/21 manager or assistant manager of a club and other things...mainly with media involvement. It would be nice to here from SI to tell us what they plan on adding to FM08 coz they must have a rough idea. Then if there was something someone desperately wanted then they'd know it either was coming(they would be really thankful) or that it wasnt coming(could petition for it to be added as you wouldn't have released final version yet.) Basically can someone from SI confirm that they're looking at some ideas from this thread(which ideas?) Coz this may be somewhat of a lost cause if they're DEFINETLY not going to change certain things.
  3. Press Conferences also where you had like 10seconds to reply or else you were criticised for looking Under Pressure or something. Like after a big game it could say BBC would like to interview you do you want to: send ass man to deal with it, deal with it yourself, refuse. And then if you deal with it they ask you say 3 questions on the game which you reply to...would make it vvv realistic. And after a big injury Sky Sports News could ask to speak with you the next morning etc. you get what im saying... PLEASE!!!! do some of these changes coz they would all make a Brilliant game even BETTER!
  4. Listen to this guy!!!!! Especially number 9! have been thinking this myself for some time. Also can you add some feature to allow a manager to take his team on holiday camp to a hotel as Bolton did recently with the International Week. So you could have different countries you could take them to and different hotels in each country with different facilities so that there was a difference between where Cardiff City could go and where Chelsea could go. This would be realllly good.
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