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  1. I've been trying to reduce Buffon's wages at Juventus who the data department put at a ridiculous and astonishing 200k a week.... Also without luck. I never run my club to the ground financially as I always keep under the wage bill and maximaize player sales through long term installments...
  2. So let me flip the question around Are my own regens always counted as homegrown? Since a Regen at 17 shouldn't be counted as homegrown since he has yet to play 3 years between the age 15-21 for a club. Also if I was theoretically to loan out one of my 16year old Regens (from my own club) and keep them loaned out until they turned 21 would they be ineligble for homegrown status?
  3. Can someone confirm this from the programming team or something. Besides I am not 100% sure about the IRL rule either so either it would be could if someone could shed some light on this
  4. Hi I searched the forum in advanced to find a solution to this issue but couldn't find anything satisfactory so here is what I want to know. The UEFA rules states that a player must be registrered for a club for three years between ages 15 - 21 to be considered homegrown. So now I would like to know how does the game calculate homegrownstatus does it use a day-counter as for the nationality eligibility thing or does it calculate in a different way? IRL: As I understand it the player doesn't need to be at the club for three full years I.E. 1095 days (3*365) but it is enough for him to be reigstred for the club during some part of the season An example would be John Guidetti of Manchester City (he moved there when he was 16) He has been on loan to a bunch of clubs and will be turning 19 this year. This should still qualify him for homegrown even though Man City have loaned him out to like Barnsley and Brommapojkarna since at the start of the year (including some part of pre season) he has always been part of the Manchester City squad. Can someone explain how this works in the game. As I am currently snapping up a lot of 17-18year olds and I would like to know if I could loan them out to Affiliate clubs for them to get experience or if this will automatically disable their chances to be homegrown. Edit: Sorry about the spelling mistake in the header didn't work to change it with edit
  5. Now for the most important thing What positions are most important and what type of players for each position: 1. The Most Important Position is the Goalkeeper: Description: As your goalkeeper often plays as a sweeper in attack you want a naturally fast goalkeeper. Usually one wants a goalkeeper which is safe and not error prone. But in this tactic I would rather go for a fast and spectaular goalkeeper that can sometimes make crazy saves and sometimes errors. Because the opposition is going to get a lot of one on ones. So the qualities you should look for in a goalkeeper for this position are inorder of importance: One on Ones (reflexes), Speed, Command of Area and Shot stopping should be very long down the list because the opponent will usually be counter attacking against you and won't have many finishes where your team is pegged back defending and they are trying to score outside the penalty area. Recommendations: Manuel Neur Julio Cesar Victor Valdes Iker Cassilas Warning: Static goalkeepers as Van Deer Saaer or Reina or not advised. 2. Striker (Left) Striker (Right) Description: Here I would rate both these positions of equal importance. They are very different but you need the right player for both positions. I am playing with Juventus and so far I don't have a proper Striker (Right) the poacher that is why I am not producing even more goals by that position. What you want for the right position is a typical poacher with speed so he can break on the counter, and for him to be a master in the area, in the terms of movement off the balll and positionnig for the right chances and when he takes the chances he ofcourse needs to be composed and score. Heading is not important even though there are a lot of crosses many of the teams crosses occur on the counter and are low crosses. Historically the best player for this Position would probably be a 1994 Romario. Recommendations: Eto'o Tevez David Villa Alexandre Pato Bargain Reccomendations Nilmar Doumbia Matri Striker Left Description: The Left striker should be the teams most creative player. It should be someone with a great first touch, that can hold up the ball, shield but also make that deceive through pass to the poacher. It is also the player that should do the spectactular and try to score wondergoals outside the area when the other team is trying "to park the buss infront of their goal" (bunker up). Here Flair, creativity, first touch, along with strength, long shots are important qualities. Recommendations: Ibrahimovic Dzeko Carrol Sergio Aguero Bargain Recommendations Elmander Bendtner Maxi Lopez 4. Central Midfielder Left Description: This position has hardly been mentioned but is very important for the defensive part of the tactic to work. It has hardly been mentioned and I cam across this importance when all my first team central midfielders where injured and I had to make a sacrifice to put a junior in on either Midfield Central Left or Right. This should be the more defensive of the two midfielders he needs to have very high workrate, good decesions, and strong in tackling. This guy is very important to shore up the defense when everyone else goes forward. He needs to both be great at positioning and winning the ball back. Recommendations: Fletcher Mascherano For you who are still having trouble making the tactic work look for these player types and you should be all good. Some more General advice. Is that MidCR Postion is also important but not as important as MID CL. The MID CR is the playmaker but doesn't have to be very intelligent the "tempo is low" also there are always many obvious great decesion for the MidCR so he will make them. It is important that the MidCR has great ball winning qualities and will fight a lot. The only formation where the Tatox-def tweak has problems is against strong teams deploying a 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 with three central midfielders orchestrating if you don't use two hardworking central midfielders they will out maneuverer you and take over possesion and the middle of the pitch. My two MidCR that I rotate are Aquliani and Marchisio and Marchisio is having much better results. Where as Aquliani is always lurking trying to score a long shot or make a super creative pass. Marchisio will still make good passes but when a cross or a through ball is deflected and "semi cleared" by the desperate defense of the opposistion Marchisio will go after it and win the 50-50 ball creating another CCC. When recruiting wingers and fullbaks speed is your best friend. just make sure they are fast. I don't agree with the inverse wingers theory you will have much better results with your right winger delivering crosses with the right after beating the defensive line (low crosses between the gkp and defensive line very efficient!). Altough I think alternating is the key if the opposistion has managed to read your left footed winger and he hasn't had a great game then putting in a right footed winger on the left side might catch them completley off guard! Thats all hope it helps. If there are any other positions you think I should highlight or would like to discuss please ask Edit Extra: To Highlight my problems with the poacher position: against Weaker teams my most Deadly poacher is my right winger Lanzafame since he has the speed attribute plus he loves to counter. Altough he doesn't have the great movement in the Area, so the striker Right should score 99% of the goals inside the area, while the striker left should be the most creative (playmaking type player on the field)....
  6. I am posting my latest results from the tactic. Since I am quite a slow and extensive pedantic player I have tried and tested a lot of things and will also Post a guide to what players to buy in what positions. My Tactic is a tweaked version of one of the Defensive Tactics. What it does is that I can still defeat small teams by big margins 6-7goals. But against the big teams my defense is still strong. I am playing with Juve and am in winter break during my first season Both Inter and Milan have not managed to score against me. While the Camorra bandits (Napoli) scored but then I put a couple past them to silence them same with Self important Roma Who was destroying me but then crumbled. MOST IMPORTANT Was beating FC Internazionale who is not a club but a pack of merencarie bandits together with their bandit dictator who have upset the status quo and almost sent Italian football back to the stoneage. and the boys didn't let me down
  7. Raver training + sets

    2- There are mentions about a Set Piece coach or two coaches for Set Pieces the Problem is I don't know how to activate these? Since there is no box to tick for the coach to focus on Set Pieces can someone help me out here... Sorry to keep repeating myselfs but how do I activate my coaches to handle set pieces as there is no box to tick for this should I just tick all boxes? or have them unticked for all boxes?
  8. But in a training Regime as the Major Raver one Where he recommends two coaches for set pieces should these guys just be marked to do nothing then?
  9. Hi I am having some problems, I am trying to implement the Major Raver Training Regime (since it was recommended). With it comes a part where I am suppose to have a coach for Set Pieces. But when I later go to tick my coaches to specialize on various areas such as Aerobic, or Ball Control etc... I can't find the place for set pieces. Can Anyone tell me how we train set pieces in the game?
  10. What you need is the more defensive version of the tactic posted by some other user, The Orginal Tatox is too unstable and gung-ho. I am playing with Juventus and so far have 10 for 10 wins in competetive matches. Even though the training regime is taking its tole and I am battling with injuries in some crucial positions (but this is good since it forces me to experiment).
  11. I appreciate your help, I don't see the reason to get all emotional. If you calm down and look at the time of messaging I posted that message prior to you trying to help me. We are all striving for the same goal to perfect a tactic so I don't see why we should be aggresive towards one another. I admit I sometimes post provocative posts but that is because people who I address about a certain issue ignore me. The reason I posted the earlier message was the you were being smug "playing the devil's advocate" for the Thread Starters. When I was looking for their reply. If you think playing with Juventus is so useless/pointless than don't. I am working on perfecting the various versions of the tactics and currently I noticed what is more decesive than tweaks are is actually finding the right attributes for each position. Something I will try to reveal later here inorder to aid/help everyone
  12. @basal How do you get that cool print screen with the stadium in the bakground. Are you using a different skin?
  13. 4 kids are any decent in football? *Edit: Will if you are still in pre-season with Juve I would recommend you get Sulejmani (Ajax) for the left wing. He is listed on loan for Ajax and they will release him for 400k. I was trying to get him loaned out but Ajax refused to bulge without the upfront fee.
  14. Because this tactic is a copycat tactic from the Tactic GIGI Del Neri used on his first team in Serie A
  15. Can you tell me more about Gillsman injury update or link the post... Because the injuries are eating me up. At the moment 3out of 4 Central midfidlers are injured so its either Hasan Salihamidizic in the middle or Boniperti I hope the PA of Boniperti is high (as he is the best youngster Juve has had since Marchisio better than Giovinco)