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  1. Cup Draw, just an idea

    God please no. No more interviews. No more media. I want an option to get rid of it in my saves.
  2. Wide play in FM11?

    I'd argue the opposite is true - most modern tactics used by top sides lack traditional wide, touchline hugging wingers. Most modern day wingers aren't even proper wingers, they're more like side forwards that occasionally drift out to the touchline, but generally play a lot more central or look to push into the middle. Modern 4-3-3/4-5-1 in itself is hardly a wide formation, and it usually relies on fullbacks to provide the width and do almost everything that the traditional winger used to do (stick to the touchline, overlap or even beat opposing fullbacks and provide crosses). As does the 4-4-2 diamond, for that matter. In fact, one could argue that Barcelona's 4-3-3 is irl a lot closer to the 3 central forwards shape than two wingers and a striker one. Messi is certainly no winger by any stretch of the imagination, neither are/were Henry, Pedro, Krkic, Iniesta (who occasionaly plays that position), etc. FM gameplay reflects this, with narrow 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 being very overpowering against traditional 4-4-2, for example. I haven't really used narrow 4-3-3 so can't comment on that, but I see no problem with it being successful as well. Especially since you can set individual wideplay instructions for players in narrow formations.
  3. Just sell them. You free up wage budget, you free up space for up and coming prospects, you get rid of players who think they've become too big for the club, and you even get a nice fat fee on top. It's a perfect solution.
  4. I second this, actually. Had the same idea for a while now myself, would definitely want to avoid the harassment of negotiating financial details as a manager. Manager's job IMHO is to pick a player and propose a squad status (first team, backup, etc), then leave it to the powers-that-be to work things out with the other club, agents, players and whatnot.
  5. I got offered a Celtic job after taking Derry City to a domestic title in Ireland and Europa League groups. In general I find it quite easy to get higher rep job in FM10 (also got offered a job at Spurs during my time at Celtic). However(!), after 4 seasons at Celtic I got bored and re-applied twice when Derry sacked their managers over the next few years, declared interests whenever their managers' position was insecure. Both times they opted for some lower division managers. So there's definitely something fishy in those algorithms.
  6. What I do is not build dream teams (relative to my level), and always sell players given a reasonable offer. I also try to spend as little as possible, regardless of budget. On a more subjective note, I try to not sign players that would be very unlikely to join the club irl. Generally, what that does is make you successful for a season or two when your squad "peaks", followed by a dry transition period when you sell all your star players and rebuild. Think Arsene Wenger.
  7. Can I?

    Keep signing players on full-time contracts as well. I'm 6 seasons in my Donegal Celtic save, won 3 domestic titles and qualified for EL group, with most of the squad on full-time contracts and quite healthy finances. Still didn't get it, so it takes a while to progress to pro level.
  8. According to some people, any other formation. Variants of 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 tend to overpower 4-4-2 in the centre midfield, though.
  9. Has anyone ever done this....

    Never really thought of that. Might try it out to boost a lower league team I like, though I rarely have any money to spend.
  10. How to find good new signings

    Your backroom staff will recommend a player or two during those meetings that most players skip. Works like a charm at low levels for me. The players are usually free, easily approachable, and generally turn out to be good enough. That feature saved me hours of browsing through the lists manually and ordering the scouts around. Also, some time before the season starts you'll get news about released players, and there's at least a few real quality players released by the bigger clubs that you can attract.
  11. Yeah, I used to get this a lot from goalkeepers. I can manage playing time of the rest of the squad just fine, but when I stick one keeper in goal, I usually don't even click on that position any more. Few times I did change the keeper, I kept forgetting to put my first choice back for the next 5-6 games. Nowadays I just use academy keepers or young prospects as back-up. Keepers rarely get injured or unfit anyway, at least on my saves.
  12. Being able to 'watch' training

    Having the option to play a training match (as part of training, not a friendly) between the two team selections would be a useful tool for tactic making, tweaking and understanding the match engine without going through the painful trial and error process in competitive matches.
  13. I have a Celtic save (3 seasons in) with about 90% of the players being Scottish. The others are from home nations as well. It's what I to do get my Celtic fix these days, since we started signing some weird random players in real life and it's slowly ****ing me off. But normally, even when I don't do things like that on purpose, I end up with a fairly homogeneous squad. Can't remember the last time I signed a Non-EU player to be honest. Has a lot to do with my habit of pushing one or two players from the youth setup into the first team each season as well.
  14. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Monaghan United 2011/2012 GK Darren Kelly DR Mark Rossiter DL Tony Costigan DC Niall Flynn DC Laurence Gaughan MC Ryan Berry MC Alan Byrne AMC Robbie Egan AMC Phil Duffy AMC Jamie Forrest FC Karl Bermingham Then again, those names probably don't mean anything to anybody.
  15. Greece were just very clever in their tactical setup - and it was a brilliant run, and a deserved trophy. But it's definitely not a trick you can pull out more than once. I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised that they managed to qualify (can't remember their group now). France I suppose were pretty good, with an immense player like Zidane and several others being at the peak of their careers. Domenech was never really a good enough manager for them, not even when "he" took them to the final - it was a fantastic team he had, and I don't think he really got the most out of it. Obviously, with a not-so-good team and no control over the dressing room for a long time, it was never going to go well for them. As for Italy, I suppose they did overperform in their typical manner. It's been more than a decade (nearly two decades, actually) since I was last impressed by the individual quality of their players, but until the last EC they somehow managed to keep up with the top national teams and even win the WC. This WC will definitely burst that bubble though - they're simply not that good, haven't been good for some time, and aren't likely to get better in the near future.