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  1. Could you please assist me with the code of the fire 4321 so that I can download it
  2. For those playing the game in 3D rather than through IR or holiday mode, can you please recommend a good, consistent tactic? Thanks..
  3. Anyone else used this tactic? If so, how have you fared so far please?
  4. Been a while since I played FM20,wanted to kindly ask if anyone is using Beawolf 442 107 and if it still works in the latest version
  5. I'm having the same experience as you. I need someone to recommend any tactic or strategy for 3D play..
  6. Did you play the games, or was it on holiday mode/instant result?
  7. Please, please recommend one tactic for home, one for away...after lots of failure I don't trust my judgement no more
  8. So that is either Leipzig, preachin blues or Oxford as the top three from docs, right?
  9. Knap, would you kindly recommend a tactic for Chelsea.. Just finished my first season and just scrapped through top 4.
  10. Just wanted to ask, could it be that majority of these tactics perform better when you play the game on instant result?
  11. Knap, have you tried unticking the "play offside" and see if it will help with the ball over the top? For me, dropping DL doesn't help.. The AI still keeps pinging bombs behind my def.. Thanks
  12. it would also be nice to see players returning for pre-season in varying fitness levels. i.e. professional players who look after themselves well coming in relatively fit while others coming back a bit overweight and have taylor made fitness regimes prepared for them. and just a bit more detail in the training area.
  13. i would like to see a situation where you take over a club and aren't in charge of transfers by default.you just show the board where you need strengthening like at Newcastle. there is a head of recruitment in charge of transfers and this can't be changed even at the "staff responsibilities" tab.
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