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  1. Judging by the dates in the download section, if we get the Megapack 6.0, we don't need the 6.0 update, right? Just 6.1 and 6.2 ? (Quickly checking the files on the megapack and update 6.0, it seems they are the same so ...) Thanks for the updates EDIT: D'OH, you answered this elsewhere on this page. Nevermind what i just asked
  2. Yeah, at least Def.Winger on Attack tend to 'cut inside'. This probably has more to do with they having "Hold the ball" ticked!
  3. Played 3-5-2 on my Saints game for the first 3 seasons. Can only say that the Defensive Winger (Attack) at ML/MR is way overpowered :> I had Luke Shaw and Nathaniel Clyne which are good, specially Clyne which already had good attributes but i can only imagine how mad this position would be with someone worldclass like Alves or Alba on that position.
  4. Neil updated the second post of the sticky with the info EDIT: Change list 13.2.1 (ME 1325) -Further refined engagement of ball player -Toned down speed players can run with ball a little -Slight toning down of run with ball probability -Fine-tuned kick and header accuracy a little further These changes should help to fix the following issues; -Players dribbling through the middle of the pitch too easily, too often -High number of goals per game -Teams winning games by margins of 5+ goals far too often
  5. Ronaldo is best on the left showing up in center to score. With Hugo Almeida we finally had a striker that kept the other team DCs occupied so it allowed Ronaldo all that space to run it to for the goal. This obviously requires that Meireles or Moutinho are more worried about his side when defending. Nelson Oliveira is still too green and nervous to be a starter. He has made some good moves already where he holds the ball and then gives to an incoming midfielder to shoot(Varela's chance against Germany). Hopefully he'll have more playing time next year either at Benfica or even somewhere else, because we are in desperate need for someone good up top. Agreed on Moutinho being our best. Saying that Ronaldo has been the best because he's scoring is idiotic. For him to score, the ball needs to get there and Moutinho has been running all over the pitch, either defending or attacking, closing down opponents, providing chances and getting into space. We are clearly running on his spirit together with Coentrão, Nani, Pepe and obviously Ronaldo. If only the rest were up to their quality.
  6. You should probably re-read what i said since i never mentioned the Netherlands games about the 4-2-3-1, that was used against Germany and Denmark at the end of the matches when we were searching for goals.
  7. Yeah, i mean, it only took him one hour to notice that the danes were exploiting the fact that Ronaldo doesn't defend. Last game? Same thing at the start. After the goal he finally moved Meireles to close down the left and help Coentrão. So...exactly what i said? Ok. How can you say that Ronaldo or Nani haven't sorted anything out? Nani has been the one holding the ball, keeping possession and creating chances. He, Moutinho and Pepe are the ones driving the team forward. Ronaldo not only showed up when we needed him but has been draging 2 or 3 players with him, creating spaces. But i guess for you that is "not sorting anything out". Meireles has been lackluster going forward(but please show me examples of his 'killer balls') and Postiga, well...let's not talk about Postiga. Noone has complained, stop being a drama queen.(Really, the government?) No Portuguese wants the team to fail, stop being childish. I guess you must have missed those bits against Germany and Denmark, after we suddenly were either behind or drawing, where Paulo Bento in fact made the change into a 4-2-3-1 like i mentioned?
  8. Plan B: Give the ball to Nani or Ronaldo, they'll fix something up. Oh wait, that's Plan A. Realistically, it's putting Nani in the middle and Varela on the right while taking out Meireles/Moutinho. Even more realistically, Paulo Bento is too stubborn (and dumb) to acknowledge that so he'll go with the same plan as in other matches.
  9. I'm not Cleon but i find the same problem with the flat 442(424s). Put an AMC against those tactics and you'll see.
  10. On this tactic my front 3 are never changed, the roles/positions i mean, not the players. I don't have a PM or TM selected in team instructions so i think i auto-selects my TQ which is fine. I usually have Jonathan Viera or Muniain there who are just pure class in that role. The 3 in midfield are the ones i'm not always happy with. I'd like to implement the Pirlo-like DLP with a BW(Gattuso) ahead of him but don't really have players for that ... YET Then again, this is a tactic that i only use against certain systems, mainly the flat 442s.
  11. Dropbox public folder! So easy that even a kitten can do it. (Note: no kiitens were harmed while testing this!)
  12. Sooo...you're mad because Cleon didn't mention you on a list of people who have been here for 5 years or more helping people with their tactics, is that it? OOOOOOOOOOKKK! EDIT: just so i don't come out as much more of an asshole than i am ... i don't think Cleon did it to belittle whatever work you have done. I don't know what reasons you have to release tactics or blog/work/write about whatever it is that you do but from that post, you seem to be trying a little too hard to get recognized by other people. My only advice is, and i've been here probably longer than most, if your work is good enough, it will be recognized for itself.
  13. This is how i have it setup now, don't mind the players because i was in the middle of a game with my 4231: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5549371/Pictures/games/fm/saints41212.jpg
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