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  1. Alex ferguson

    yer i have that editor i throught you meant that the the other type of editor but i dont have that i just have the software that came with the disk
  2. Alex ferguson

    on mine united just fade away to a mid table team 3 seasons in and havent won a trophy for 15 years but still have fergie as the manager
  3. Alex ferguson

    i dont even have editor i have genie scout but not editor
  4. Alex ferguson

    no this is serious
  5. Alex ferguson

    i think that a 1 for motivation is a bit unrealistic
  6. guys im wondering what year Alex Ferguson retired on your game because im in 2028 ages 86 and hes still the manager.
  7. my goalkeeper did a paul robinson against foster has anybody elses keeper scored without using them as penalty or free kick taker.
  8. sending off

    heres a question has anybody here ever won an red card every since they was introduced in fm07 i think ive never won an appeal.
  9. has anybody noticed this that most not all but when a player on your side gets sent of your team falls apart but when its the other way i seem to dominate but lose 1-0
  10. In 2020 alex ferguson is still the manager and has signed a rolling contract til 2021 whats the oldest he is on your game.
  11. i won 13-0 in a friendly and the opponents couldnt even muster up even one chance is that an alltime record.
  12. lack of harmony

    i had the same idea but this thing is that the problem was in seconds spanish division and they got promoted the problem still exists.