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  1. Players on loan should be able to return to their parent club if they get an injury. A EPL team would have better physio facilities than a League 1 team, so my potential star youngster should return to my club to get the best treatment (decreasing recuperation time and the chance of the injury becoming reoccurring later) without cancelling the loan then trying to loan him again when he's fit. You should be able to train tactics, players take time to learn a new tactic, but if you teach them about the tactic in training they should be able to use it in a match more effectively. You could train them in a couple (normal, attacking, defensive) so you could switch to them in a match without the usual 'play like morons for the 1st 6 games' Tell the assistant manager to sell a player, I'm fed up of offering a player, no takers, offering again for a bit less, no takers, offering again for a bit less... The assistant manager should be able to do this to reduce the monotony.
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