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  1. Tried Tea 4411 with Derby, really bad results. Lost the first 6 games.
  2. Is there anything that seems to be the meta in FM 20? I see many people saying this is a really easy FM, yet it's hardest I've played, no tactic seems to be working for me.
  3. Hi, Yes, it seems to happen consistently for me. If I get it again I'll try get some pictures of the before budget and after.
  4. I have had the same issues with both corners and throw-ins. Dragging and dropping the players to the correct position seems to be very difficult to do. Once you are then able to select the players into the positions you want them (easier said than done), changing the player instruction (for example man-mark to go back), then swaps the players positions around also. I am happy to provide more information if required but if you have a copy of FM19 on the switch you should be able to see the issue fairly easily.
  5. I'm an old PC player but recently moved to switch for the convenience. This seems to be a repeated issue on football manager 2019 on the nintendo switch for me. It doesn't seem to matter what club I am for this issue to be produced. The issue I am encountering occurs often when I have not spend money during the first window, but have sold players. My latest example was on my Wolves save. My transfer budget prior to December 1st was around 40m, and about 190k wage budget. I've just hit December 1st 2022 having bought no players in the first window, only selling a couple and I receive a message to my inbox: Subject: Wolves board make extra transfer funds available Message: I am pleased to announce that, as a result of an improvement in the clubs financial position, the board have raised the current transfer budget by £5m to £30M. The issue I am facing is that my budget was higher than £25M before this message, in fact higher than £30M. It also seems to be adjusting the wage budget and has previously stitched me up. For example, I had around 30k remaining wage budget, and after the cash injection, found my wage budget to then be negative, with no changes in contracts or any other deals. I haven't been able to spot a clear pattern as to what changes and how across my saves, but it does seem that more often than not the transfer budget increase actually puts you at a disadvantage, with either a lower wage budget or a lower transfer budget. I will say given the time of year I am not expecting this to be fixed for FM19, however it would be nice if it could be investigated for FM20, which I'll surely be getting.
  6. I've been playing as Liverpool and I'm in my second season. After a disappointing first season finishing 5th playing a 4231, I decided to opt for a 41221. I am really struggling to create any good chances and see quite a bad shots on target to shots ratio. I would like to play with 2 inside forwards if possible, which may be a major problem, however I see others claim that it can work? Currently I line up as follows: Firmino - False 9 - Support Mane - Inside Forward - Support Salah - Inside Forward - Attack Keita - Mezzela - Attack Milinkovic Savic - Box to Box - Support Fabinho - Deep lying playmaker - Defend (DM) Robertson - Wingback - Attack De Ligt - CB - Defend Van Djik - CB - Defend Alexander-Arnold - Wingback - Support Karius - GK Team Instructions and mentality: Control - Width: Narrow - Defensive Line: Much Higher - Use offside trap - Closing down: Much higher - Get stuck in - Play out of defence - Exploit the middle - Shorter Passing - Be more expressive - Roam from positions. I have tried lowering the mentality. I have tried increasing the mentality. I have removed a number of the tactical instructions. I have tried opting for a winger over 2 inside forwards. I am looking for a possession based system with the majority of the goals coming from Salah and Mane, playing almost as strikers. I then would like an additional attacking option coming from the midfield and support from my wingbacks pushing up. In the majority of games I seem to do okay for possession, but I don't seem to be creating much at all. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. This was some great advise. I decided that my main issue was that Vardy was becoming isolated, and opted for another box to box midfielder that would offer another support option. I made the change after an abysmal performance at palace, and well like you say, an alternative form of attack when the counter wasn't available was what was needed. With just that simple change and removing my TI's, it gave me exactly what I was looking for and actually just managed to qualify for Europa. Thanks everyone for your input.
  8. I've actually read this 10 times over. In fact I actually copies this exact tactic in order to try and get the results I wanted, and I still did not have any luck. Thanks for that information, that's really helpful. I've check out where you are sending me but chances are I've already read it, as I have most of the resources here. Would there be anything obvious you would recommend for me to change with the setup I provided? If not, at least I know I'm on the right track.
  9. I've just started a new career with Leciester City. I've always struggled to create a good counter attacking tactic and now I'm having a go on FM18, but still not having any luck. I'd ideally like to utilize the use of Vardy, Mahrez and Gray on the break playing very direct on the break. First of all I would like to say that I have managed to make a relatively defensively solid tactic, but it doesn't pay off as the goals are next to none. I've read some pretty conflicting information with regards to strategy, but I've opted to play on "counter". Simple for the reason this is what I am trying to achieve. Would I perhaps be better with an attacking mentality? I've also got instructions to sit slightly deeper, in hope to stay a bit tighter defensively and hope to leave more space behind the opposition defense to exploit. Slightly Narrower as I am using an inverted winger that is left footed on the right hand side, and I want him to have a main role in my system. Also to stay defensively tight and not leave too much space for opposition to play in. More direct passing in hopes to play the ball forward quickly. My issue is there seems to be no urgency to get the ball forward and a lack of goals. Basically, if I concede a goal I lose the game. I've never been able to develop a good counter attacking tactic that exploits the space behind defenses. Any possession based tactic I overachieve with most teams. One of the main reason for wanting to play like this is on my Liverpool save, the way Man Utd play, is very difficult to beat. They have a very solid defense and seem to launch the ball forward quickly. Any tips or comments on what I could try or what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks, that's as I thought. I did not think about creating a direct attacking approach, which is probably more suited anyway. I'm currently in a save with Liverpool looking to get the most out of Mane and Salah. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Hi Cleon, I'm not having too many issues playing a 4-2-3-1 when I'm going for a possession based tactic. I've recently attempted to set up as a 4-2-3-1 but play on the counter, but I cannot get it to work. Is it possible to play a counter attacking strategy in this formation? I know the short answer is yes. But would I be much better off changing the shape to have more players naturally further back and am I making it hard for myself trying to play like this with the current shape?
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