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  1. I didnt post a save file because I said it happens on every saved game I have do you want me to upload them all? Im not a tech by any means but its pretty clear it is not a save game issue since it happens with multiple databases and multiple game versions. Seems to me since the screenshot says "windows" that it would be some kind of windows compatibility issue. Looking at steam I made sure that I have the latest direct x and the latest windows update? Any other ideas of places I should look for possible issues? Dont want to come off like a jerk I do appreciate the help but its hard to believe that I am the only one that is having this issue yet for a month now every time I try to play the game it crashes. Its pretty frustrating as it used to work at one point. Oh well guess im back to 07.
  2. No update on the help for this? Surely I am not the only one this keeps crashing on?
  3. FYI I dont believe this is a saved game issue, it happens no matter what saved game I am playing, Hopefully when I download 1.4 it will fix the issue? Screenshot uploaded as Untitled-1.jpg
  4. not sure how to upload my game, but the crash happens randomly when moving to the next day, after the crash I can open it back up and it might continue past the place it crashed then a couple days later crash again, its when it is continuing day to day. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make it easier for you to help me cause its a real bummer, I had to go back to 07 because it I cant get it to work. Thanks for the help!
  5. Just started playing the game again after several months, downloaded the newest version via steam 1.3 and the game randomly crashes when I hit continue, sometimes I get lucky and it advances, others it crashes. Anyone know what the issue could be? Thanks in advance for the help! Scott Shafer
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