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  1. Is this for me? If so; how can I do this on a MacBook? And I am actually able to play, just with the other graphics card..
  2. Yes my MacBook is updated to The latest version. But to be clear: I can play when I use the other graphics card.
  3. When I am using the graphics card that works with FM it is the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. The one that does not work with FM is NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, which is strange in my opinion because according to the name that one is newer.
  4. Yes it seems that my workaround fixed the issue! Also I’ve been able to get it to full screen, thanks! I Will check what card I am using when I have the chance to.
  5. I may have found a solution: I downloaded a program called 'gfxCardStatus', which allows me to switch GPU's. I haven't been able to test it comprehensively, but at least I was able to get past the policy screen. I do have another question: In my efforts of solving the problem, I tried running FM in windowed mode, with a code I entered in Steam. However, how can I get FM back to opening in full screen mode?
  6. Yes it is strange right. I do still have the problem on version 19.1.4, the last couple of times I tested I couldn't even get past the policy screen (FM starts up normal). First I get the 'sandball' and then I get the application error or the program just shuts down and the Mac returns to the login screen.
  7. Unfortunately that didn't work. Reinstalling the game also didn't work.
  8. Thank you Jimmy, will try that and get back to you.
  9. I am happy to do that again, but as I stated in the opening post I already tried that. EDIT: Tried it again, no succes.
  10. Do you have some suggestions I can try to solve this issue?
  11. I did use some custom graphics/add-on, but I deleted them. I am not using any of them now. Right now I can't even get past the policy statement. Yes the latest updates are installed, I just checked it to be sure.
  12. My game is crashing every time. It doesn't generate a crash dump file, it just says 'SI has quit unexpectedly. The system and other features are not affected. A report is generated that you can send to Vendor Not Specified to help identify the problem' (see attachment). However, no crash dump file is generated. It does happen randomly, but it doesn't take long to crash (within a few minutes, max 5 I guess) which makes the game unplayable. I have done everything you recommend: Clearing & deleting cache, deleting preference folder, deleting 'Football Manager 2019' folder, open in windowed mode & re-verifying game files in Steam. Since I have deleted the cache & preferences I had to start with the privacy statement again, but right now I am not even able to get past that. I am playing on a MacBook Pro Retina, mid 2012 (see attachment) on the newest software: MacOS Mojave. Thank you in advance for you help.
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