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  1. Hi all, I'm in the process of designing a new online FMO game and I'm looking for advice on how to best run what I'm intending, be it as a "clan" or one-off game. The game will be different to most. To outline the game - I'm creating a Euro Super League that contains an "A" and "B" division of 26 teams. Up to 26 managers will assume "Director of Football" style roles at each of the A Division clubs. After a 50-game (all simulated) season, the top 16 will go into the championship playoffs, and the bottom 10 will play off against the top 10 from B division for a place in the A division
  2. Hi all, I've done some editing over the last few months and come up with a mod that does the following: Takes all existing 209 FIFA nations + Basque and creates a new league structure, based in Gibraltar. Sorted by a reputation/FIFA ranking hybrid. 6 division of 35 teams in a 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 3C arrangement. Play each other once. There's a cup in there too. Europa Cup and CL qualification too. Only major custom rule is each team can only field players not considered foreign by that country. All clubs have the same properties as national teams where the editor allows attributes to cross b
  3. ..a new nation into the Champions League (in my case Gibraltar). I've created a league setup in Gibraltar with a club team representing each national team (0 foreigners allowed, a strict "national team" league), and I want the league winners to go in champions league etc. I've swapped them out for the Gibraltar teams in the CL, but Gibraltar doesn't come up on the UEFA coefficients table in game. How can I fix this?
  4. Am I missing something? I don't have an export option? (In FM15 editor)
  5. Hi all, I'm working on a concept idea about creating a national franchise league where each FIFA nation has a club in a league. In the past I've used procedural generation through Excel to make this process quicker (Creating 209 clubs, giving them nicknames, matching rivalries, matching them to capital cities, creating new stadiums, matching strips etc. takes a lot of time). If I can find a way to alter .fmf files so they can be opened in Excel then I can do this in 2-3 hours. Has anyone been able to do this? Alternatively, anyone up for a joint project?!
  6. It includes updates to July 1st this year. This is a bit of a test bed for a fuller, FM16 release so any feedback welcome!
  7. Hi all, I created a world league based on a couple of others that's a bit more expansive and has a twist. This league has 9 tiers, based in Singapore. The tiers are organised like this: Tier 1 - World Premier League - 18 teams (Teams limited to a registered squad of 50) Tier 2 - Division 1A and 1B - 18 teams each (Teams limited to a registered squad of 50) Tier 3 - Division 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D - 18 teams each (Teams limited to a registered squad of 50) Tier 4 - Division 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D - 35 teams each (play each other once) (Teams limited to a registered squad of 50, max foreigners: 12)
  8. Hi all, I've built a custom world league and wanted to make a cup with >512 teams. Can you do this in any way? Can you split it into two and have a domestic cup where the winner qualifies for another domestic cup? Alternatively i have 45 divisions, can i have the top 10 teams from each league enter?
  9. Hi all, There are 224 national teams in the world. It fits perfectly into 14 division of 16... I was thinking of a 1 division premier tier, 3 division second tier and 10 division third tier. Each country gets one national academy and they are all put into one league based in Gibraltar (so the winner of the top league qualifies for the Champions League). No foreign players allowed and the majority of the players (12 of 23 registered) must come from the academy (working the same way Athletic does in Spain). Can this be done?
  10. How do you retain non-players? Coaches etc. I have their unique ID's.
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