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  1. Help

    Haha mate I love you! Worked a charm! Thank you very much!
  2. Is there anyway to edit the save game file or change the password for someones fm account? I have a mate who has forgotten his password to manage his team, the problem is the password seems to have changed as he entered in the right one yesterday, but the same password no longer works. Just wondering if there's a way to change the password or retire the manager so that he may take back over? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I can understand it happening once or twice, but everytime it happens? Nah something's not right there.... Even happens against lesser teams.
  4. Why is it, every time a player gets sent off for the opposition they start to dominate me? Is 11 vs 10 men no longer an advantage?
  5. Which position to you guys think Gerrard is best deployed? I currently have him in centre mid, using the box to box option. The team seem to be playing well with Mascherano as ball winning midfield (defensive) but Gerrard has not scored one goal yet in 9 appearances.
  6. Pato/Aguero?

    Which one would you guys sign? Have the chance to sign either of them for Man UTD. Quick response if possible! Patch 9.3.0 btw.
  7. World class LB needed

    None of the above are available, any mroe suggestions?
  8. Im Chelsea in my 4th season (8.0.2 patch) Have around 20m to spend and need a quality LB to replace Ashley Cole. Any suggestions?
  9. World class CB needed

    Nice one for the tips guys. Managed to sign Pique from my mate for 32.5m so quite happy with that signing
  10. World class CB needed

    8.0.2 patch and im playing Chelsea, 4th season in.
  11. Alright guys! In need of a world class cb. Sakho, Zapata, Barzagli, Breno are all taken, any recommendations?
  12. This is my Chelsea dquad , start of the 2nd season. GK P.Cech DR Rafinha DL A.Cole DC J.Terry DC R.Carvalho MR J.Cole ML Silva MC M.Bodmer MC Z.Kuzmanovic FC S.Aguero FC D.Drogba Subs: 1. T.Wiese 2. F.Fazio 3. E.Cavani 4. D.Bieseswar 5. F.Lampard 6. F.Quaglierella 7. Ivanovic Any suggestions for improvements ?