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  1. So sorry to log in for the first time in a while and see this - shocking and awful. Steven produced some of the most insightful and thought-provoking posts I have read on here. His different perspective on some areas of the game and the detailed well reasoned/argued posts influenced the way I play FM and his attention to detail was second to none. We have lost a FM legend. My sincerest condolences to the Fraser family, truly sorry to hear the news. May Steven Rest in Peace.
  2. For my key players I will often give them a couple of days rest if they are below 80% after a match and the next fixture is only 3-4d away. Sometomes I will ease the training intensity down a little too. It possibly has downsides for long term development but I don't have a massive squad to rotate and I like to try to make sure that my key players are fit as much as possible. Performances are better when players are fully fit, injury risk is reduced and I feel that maximum match exposure makes up in some way for a couple of days rest with regard to long term development. I think some people would argue that regular first team match experience is at least as important for development as training but I couldn't back that up with anything concrete.
  3. Cleon - a fascinating read as usual, greatly appreciate the effort you put into these threads. This might be a silly question but I'll ask it anyway...! I tend to set my team up in a similar fashion to yourself, in so far as I set all the individual player settings manually and according to what I want them to do. I don't pretend to have your level of insight into the effect of attributes or the match engine but it's the way I have always enjoyed playing the game and get the most out of it (as time consuming as it is!). I've been playing FM08 until very recently so the TC is all new to me and I haven't really bothered with the shouts so far. I seem to get by well enough without them but there are occasions where for convenience I can see certain shouts would be useful. My question is, if I have set all my individual player settings using sliders and so forth, will the shouts actually do anything at all, or do they only have an impact on settings that are team/default? On the handful of occasions that I have tried using them I've not really been convinced of any particular change in performance so I'm guessing for the way I do things they are possibly obsolete? Or maybe I just need to experiment with them a bit more? Thanks and looking forward to the next installment...
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