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  1. as you can see the prize money for the 1st place is smaller than the 3rd place and there is no prize money for 2nd place, any solution?
  2. this is my editor data file incase you need it Database Liga Indonesia + Naturalisasi 18.fmf
  3. when i want to start a new career in 19.3.3 it happen often FM 2019 v19.3.3.1202861 (2019.03.13 07.19.31).dmp
  4. i delete a club, how to bring it back?
  5. at 2025 persib should be qualifying for AFC Champions League because they are the winner of the league in 2024 but its PSM that qualify for AFC Champions League even though they are the 2023 league winner i upload the file with the name Database Liga Indonesia + Naturalisasi 18.fmf Database Liga Indonesia + Naturalisasi 18.fmf
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