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  1. Hi, not reading through 38 pages and pitying the <STRIKE>fool</STRIKE> SI employee who does, so this might have come up. Can we have (albeit very rare) injuries in warm up? They happen in real life too. Although they might be a bit frustrating, I think it would be a nice addition.
  2. Like so many before me: my apologies if these things have already been mentioned. (I do 'pity the fool' at SI who has to trawl through this thread to see what is good and what is not!) Anyway: Minor changes in contract interface: - Set the contract options in the same order as the demands of the player, i.e. if you offer a contract win bonus and goal bonus are reversed compared to the player demands. Really minor, but really annoying. (At least to me.) - Also for the contract: When you automatically offer a player a contract as a type of player he's not interested in (e.g. hot prospect), the additional bonusses aren't always filled in (I think this is only with youth contracts). That's fine, but when I change the type of contract to one he is interested in (e.g. to Rotation), they aren't filled in automatically either, even when under that contract I know the player demands and could easily meet them. Again, very minor, but also annoying. (Hmm, I might be just very lazy!) Feeder clubs: Here we go again! Just one tiny one: the amount of money the feeder clubs get seems a bit small. I mean, I can get a feeder club in a very good competition for say 50k pounds a year. This is absolutely spare change for the big teams and probably not much for the feeder club too! So e.g. as PSV Eindhoven I've had Rimini as a feeder club for about 50k pounds a year. I would assume that is absolutely nothing for a club in the Serie B. Blatant time wasting displays: This is a major annoyance for a lot of other people too I guess. My problem is not so much with the time-wasting itself since it is a big part of real football (sadly enough), but more with the way the match engine displays this sometimes. The player holding the ball near the corner flag is fine, even a very realistic touch, but a keeper not moving a muscle to get the ball after my player has passed it twice is a bit much! In real life almost any referee would book the player for that and the media would make a big deal of it. (Of course it is fine if my keeper does it!) Hall of fame: First of all I would like some hall of fame points for a very good result in a major competition. I tend to play the Dutch league and getting a Dutch team in the semi-final of the CL is a very, very good result. It doesn't, however, gain you any hall of fame points. Secondly and even weirder is the fact that winning the Dutch Cup seems to be considered a bigger result than winning the UEFA Cup. Now I realize that this is dependent on the country. E.g. in the slightly egocentric England (hey, I live here, I can say it!) winning the FA Cup seems to be a bigger deal than winning the UEFA Cup, but in most countries this wouldn't be true at all. These are some things I can think of right now. I would like to emphasize that it is a great game already! Now if you could just adjust it to my every whim...
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