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  1. @herne79 Great explanation of the 4123 DM Wide system. Do you think it can work with two wingers? Im trying to achieve "simpler old school" football and want to make the AMR and AML position wingers ( 1 support and 1 attack). Do you think its still possible to play controlled posession football? And what would your striker role be? He should be the main goal threat and top scorer, in my opinion.
  2. Thank you for the advice, currently trying PF on attack and it seems to work the way I want!
  3. Hi, Quick question here; I'm trying to play a simple old fashion winger tactic with a strong physical striker in the centre. Something like this: Normally on the left side should be a winger support, but I don't have the right fit at the moment. My question is: What would be the best striker role to take advantage of the physical striker exluded the Target Man role (which has downsides to it)? I like to think of him as my main goalscorer and finisher in the final third. Thanks for the help! Seb
  4. Thanks for the further info! Looks like he is still playing fine with the attack duty. Have you played a season yet? I was wondering wat kind of performance stats he would have after one season (goals,assists, sot, average rating etc.)
  5. Great first post! How do you feel the striker is working. Is it to far up or just far enough? What are his pass completion rate and overall passes?
  6. Hi, Great skin! Altough there seems to be something wrong with the Classic2D mode. http://imgur.com/a/NgMHt
  7. If you look at your Documents folder FM17 is now split in 2 different folders FM and FMT. In the FMT folder (which is new this year) you all the regular folders you would always find in a FM game. Hence my assumption it is now possible to use editor data, lets just hope it will work with the normal editor date
  8. After a little bit of researching, I think it will be possible to add a custom database to the FMT version since the've split the game. I hope however that the two can be interchanged otherwise I don't think there will be much done with this new function in FMT
  9. For me its more that the FMT version comes closer to FM2012 the version in which I had the most fun. The extra added options just don't do it for me and they won't "up" the fun factor for me. That's why I rather want to play the FMT version. The only thing which I already said is that I like to have more graphical change options. I can't even change the attribute colors without using a reroute trick to do it. Also the option to use editor data would be a nice additive. For now it seems they focus more on the quick gameplay on the road stuff.
  10. This! I would love to play the FMT version, but I can't seem to adjust to the skin. If there would be an option to say change simple things like the font, colours etc. then I would play FMT fulltime. I bought fm17 but already dislike all the actions I need to do before I can actually start a game. For now I'm in the middle of both versions so I choose for fm14.
  11. Thanks! It works indeed when changing the colourblind colours. Wow thats a weird way, but that you so much for that solution! Cheers!
  12. Thanks again, I haven't seen that option before so I tried it out, but that only seems to make it worse. I want more diversity in colour and now they have only shades of blue. I mean this simple piece of code should work right?
  13. Hi thanks for thinking along. Yes I did disable caching and reload screen on changing. The problem with Football Manager Touch at this moment is that it doesn't have the fancy features that the normal one has. It isn't possible to adjust the looks of the skin in the preferences menu unfortunately. It has to be with coding but it wont read it correctly.
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