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  1. Has anyone come in for Kumbulla yet? Looks really good on my Parma save. They quoted me 72 million :O
  2. He improves really quick per badge completion.
  3. Parma End of Season 2 So the league went to the final match, at home to Juve Also reached the Europa League final, losing to Inter 2-0. Looking towards next season, both CB's are finishing their loan, Araujo and Bastoni. Would love Bastoni back but Inter want to use him. Araujo was decent but I don't really like relying on loanees. Signed Cistana from relegated Brescia for 10 mil, Betella from Atalanta for 9 mil and Goldaniga for 500k. a trio of cb's! Also have Schone arriving on a free for mentoring purposes. Inglese is wanted by Chelsea, he is 29 but has scored 43 goals in all comps the last two seasons combined. Ricci and Adorante are coming back from loan to the first team squad, would like to move Cornelius on, unfortunately he is only just joining permanently Gk is a big decision, Sepe was first choice then picked up an injury in January, Alastra came in and did well. Molla is coming back, maybe a season or two early for him. Anyone heard of Isaac Lihadji? Signed on a free from Marseille end of 1st season, now a wonderkid...
  4. Parma: End of Season 1 Having topped the league at the half way point, we kind of fell off and dropped to 3rd. Quite happy, winning the league this early would have killed the save tbh. Juventus won by 17 pts in the end. Buffon retired, he did pick up an injury which probably didn't help his decision. Got him in as a u18s gk coach. Signed Coman (Romanian winger) and Ricci (young cm from Empoli), Balic from Udinese has come in on a free, was a world beater for me at Hajduk a few years ago. Not sure I will sign anyone else. Extended Kulusevski's loan, unfortunately Bastoni won't come back. Looking at Kumublla from Verona for a long term option. Zola still won't sign as my assistant manager after finishing 3rd in the league, maybe he will when next season actually starts.
  5. Wow, I worry about playing defenders with less than 10 pace. Radu was my 1st choice GK but now Buffon has come in, I have let him go back to Inter. Between, Buffon, Sepe, Alastra I should be ok.
  6. Tbh didn't notice until now that Alastra had potential to be decent. Molla is only 17 so will be a while until he is ready. Alves is too old and slow, just got Bastoni in on loan for the rest of the season. Dropped to 2nd now...
  7. Seems I overpaid then, worth it though. Top of the league after 14 games, just ahead of Atalanta by 2 pts, Juve in 3rd. Only bought Birindelli, a young RB from Pisa as cover and Marco Molla the young GK from Bologna. Sold Bruno Alves and loaned out Laurini. In honour of the Parmalat years, my manager is Dino Baggio....I'd like to use the Scala, Malesani formation of 3-4-1-2 but don't really have the player at the moment. Trying to get Zola in as my assistant but won't enter talks yet
  8. Retire at the end of this season? He does say he wants to become a coach so should keep him in some capacity.
  9. Managed sign to Buffon for Parma, 1.2 mil for 18 months
  10. Attempting this myself, you must have a different database as I have 26 teams in the Berlin League, 50 game season. Good job there is no cups!
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