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  1. uahauhauha big hooligan, I always attend too little this forum, and I apologize! I have something for my hands, but it's more an update for my 442 plug and play. The legendary 4312 allerocco plug and play does not seem to be effective in FM13. Thanks for following and , as always.. STAY TUNED
  2. uahuahauhu ciaooo hooligan , come stai? con un ritardo allucinante ti rispondo SI ,la tattica l'ho usata per tutto il periodo fm 2012 e si è rilevata perfetta. Comincia ad essere un po un flop in fm 2013 , ma ci lavorerò sopra. ciaooooo e grazie
  3. Translation: I wanted to ask you the setting for the 11's with chelsea. For the role of incontrista (help me with translation please) is possible to use a player who has also a good ball control. The best line up for Chelsea (with the player you mentioned) could be the following: Cech Bosingwa Terry David Luiz Cole Essien Lampard Ramires Malouda (transform him in a trequartista) Drogba Torres Yeah of course , if u have an incontrista with good tecnique and ball control is better.
  4. Did you use google translator? i dont understand anything LOL Write in Italian if you want Stay Tuned Allerocco
  5. Ciao Man, I'm quite sure you will not have any problems to get the Serie A with this team....and tactic of course LOL Start to work on this team , and make grow it up! In bocca al lupo Allerocco
  6. Thanks of all Bergerac, your report is short and clear , you did almost "the perfect 10/10" managing Spurs as you described. I like most the combo you did with Crouch and Pavlyachenko , even if I must admit that the russian it fit enough well for the role Right Striker (at least 'till his valor of Speed and Acceleration goes above 12.. ) Stay Tuned Man Allerocco
  7. Uuhauahuahauh eccellente???? thanks a lot man stay tuned!!!! GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!!!! Let us know then .... Well , the trequartista is the most sensible role in this tactic , i mean , more is strong , more the team goes and goes!!! To set him in a good way , You must check his caracteristics and preferred move , then u can change my setting on this role Let me know and Stay Tuned Allerocco
  8. Ciao Franklin, first of all let me say thanks a lot for "supporting" my tactic. Then I must admit that i had been looking for a good "christams'tree tactic" since years...it's not so easy to fit two AMC and a lonely striker. Also Palermo played the whole (real) season playing with 2 trequartista and a striker. The Trio could be Pastore , Ilicic and Pinilla or Hernandez. :) Go Go Go!!!!!
  9. Ciao man, let me have feedback when you have , i'm such curious to know how this tactic works in the lower leagues. Thanks a lot and stay tuned Allerocco
  10. Hi man , thanks a lot for feeding back my tactic. I admit that i didn't see any changes using this tactic through all the patches for FM 11. W.O.W. You can try to take a screenshot using the button STAMP on your keyboard. Italian (and Mourinho) Style!!!!! :-) Uahuahauahu your post was great. I'm agree with your change , it's correct. Stay Tuned Man and Push!!!!!!!! Allerocco
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