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  1. Well it's o.k. that you've apparently never played a heavily modded game, but your arguments seem outlandishly out of touch for anyone who has. All these issues have been addressed 1000 times over by developers and game communities who ultimately both want the same thing. That you think it's so fragile and unrealistic to attempt is just simply belied by the facts. Yes, there are reasons SI doesn't bother, and it's mostly just that economics for FM are different than many games: For a lot of players this is the only thing they play and they're not likely to be into modding. For a lot of players
  2. I do understand why they don't bother with that part: The game has enough options for most players that it's a bit of a waste of resources to develop this in house, which is why I like your other idea (and always have): To make these things open to modding so that we could come up with these things on our own as a community. ... And then some super mod comes along and the parent company hires them and everyone wins.
  3. I don't understand what you're alluding to HUNT3R. Is there some secret topic here we're not supposed to touch upon or are you against an idea you don't seem to be able to fairly restate for some other reason? (confused). The basic idea Matej is alluding to is to make aspects of the AI decision making available to modding/plugins. This would allow ambitious fans to code their own AI decision matrices (or heck, possibly even more robust AI) and then share these with fans of the game. Players could then brag: "Oh hey I won the Champions League on the HUNT3R challenge mode. Man that AI is ru
  4. Yes we did talk about that a long time ago and I agree that it's ultimately the right solution. There's no harm in raising it as a suggestion every year though I don't think SI have any intention of going down this route for some time. Eventually though they'll rewrite the game engine from scratch one would think and then there is a decent chance there would be some AI modularity to it as that would help development either way (for testing if nothing else). I think the honest truth of the matter is that the product design philosophy doesn't respect the player as a strategist but is designed fo
  5. For me there are two types of clubs at the top: The ones that demand dominance and the ones that accept "being there or thereabouts" to a greater degree than "not at all". For the first type, it's all well and good if there is only one such club in a league, like say in Greece with Olympiakos. If you're the only club with the finances and talent to dominate then it is pretty reasonable to demand dominance. However, there are 3+ such clubs in the Premiership, meaning they are all, if holding such a view, irrational as hell. Given that there are 3+ clubs with the means and/or talent to be the t
  6. The Acer (found on first page) finally arrived yesterday and I have to say that it is a very nice machine. Puts my desktop to shame and eats up leagues for breakfast. Thanks to everyone who posted about it and reviewed it, especially welshace for pointing it out in the first place. It looks a perfect fit for FM. Cheers gents. I got lucky finding a USA refurbished model, but if it continues to be relatively inexpensive in Europe I can so far highly recommend it!
  7. Decided to get the laptop (my post, 4 posts above this) after some consideration. I'm terribly excited and glad to be the 3rd or 4th person in this thread to go for it. We should have an Acer FM club or something. Thanks for all the discussion and review people. I know I'm not the only one to have lurked this thread to some nice hardware.
  8. Was shopping around looking for a USA version of that amazing Acer deal. Found the same machine with different specs (including a "different" graphics card), refurbished at TigerDirect for $584.96, in case any other Yanks are reading this. I'm looking for pretty much this very deal. Wonder if anyone has some insights on this particular package? Looks like the 630m and 540m are the same card (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/343935-33-which-better-nidivia-geforce-540m-630m) for one thing. Going to mull this over for 24-48 hours. Would be really nice to have a new laptop for FM this year!
  9. That can mean any number of different things, and is certainly context dependent. Also, it is quite safe to never look at the AssMan feedback at all. Watch the match yourself and if satisfied, it doesn't matter what anyone says! Some of the things the above feedback could mean: The other team is pressing you hard Your tempo is a little too slow and you're being forced to make risky passes Your team has rubbish passing You are playing too wide You are playing too quickly (for your skill level) Like I said, it can mean any number of things.
  10. I do, but I'm a lower league side with slow DCs. I'm sure Maka will have his own answer, but I suggest this: Common sense: Rain = Balls over the top 'sit' and are easier to run onto Slow DCs = Through balls will kill a high Dline Big Pitch = More room for balls over the top Adjust accordingly as with any other tactic.
  11. Quality Leeds finish there knap. It looks like your tactic is evolving, or at least the one at the beginning isn't the same as the one in post #125 Still no CF, eh?
  12. I'll jump in here: knap's Xtree tactics are pretty solid for weak teams. Follow the link he posted above or see: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=38098 Kimz require a decent team usually, as does this AME tactic. But you can try tweaking these 'down' for really poor teams and see how you do.
  13. I suppose you mean because of the 'crazy arrows'? You'll notice that knap's are based on Kimz. They are quite similar. And though you can't see it there are arrow-like things in the tactic, most notably the complete lack of Creative Freedom. So if you're into a tactic being believable rather than successful (if they have to be different), then knap's are really no different than Kimz. The only way to get a truly believable tactic to work is to not exploit the game in any way, and that means using nearly default tactics and tweaking to suit your team, every match. "Not being rude, simply re
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