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  1. its a pain, Wellington Nem is one of my best players and my staff are telling me he wants a new contract, but i dont know if i can afford what he will ask for, i played his contract all wrong when i signed him really! good news is though i managed to get 6m in January from board (although i had to go begging) and signed Granit Xhaka, his stats aren't brilliant but my scouts all rate him at 4.5 stars and he was transfer listed by request so paid 5m up front and 5m over 48 months, but lost Ademilson with a broken ankle and David VIllas loan ended and he wouldnt renew it.
  2. when i got Destro he wanted 90k p/w, got him to 75k p/w going up to 83k p/w after 10 games, he was definitely worth it, he got in team of year and netted me 20m from city, only problem is i had Wellington Nem and Shawcross (Shawcross was my top earner before Destro on 42k p/w) on match top earner clauses which doubled there wages, but lesson learnt that clause is the first to go now when i try signing someone.
  3. well my Leeds save is going pretty well, first season finished 2nd to Wolves and as unbelievable as it sounds won the F.A. cup, although i got a very easy run as the teams i faced were - Wolves, Leicester, Luton, Fulham, Q.P.R. and Norwich in the final: players in: Marc-Antoine Fortune - loan fee 5k p/m + 70% wages Rory Delap - loan fee 2.5k p/m + 50% wages Danny Wilson - loan 50% wages (in January) Jari Litmanen - free transfer Anthony Vanden Borre - free transfer Wellington Nem - 3.5m (majority over 48m) Players out: Leigh Bromby - free (now my DoF) Andy Gray - free to Luton Davide Somma - free to Pisa Danny Pugh - Charlton loan - fee 10k p/m + 100% wages Paul Connolly - 200k to Burnley Michael Brown - 140k to Rangers Paul Rachubka - 190k to Hibs (through DoF, ended up paying 6k per week for 2 years of contract, even though he was on less at Leeds! Alex Cairns - loan to AFC Wimbledon Zac Thompson - loan to Rochdale Charlie Taylor - loan to Morecombe Fortune was a good loan, 22 goals 6 ass and 6 PoM in 40 games with an average rating of 7.16 Delap was a good loan with 4 goals, 12 ass and 1 PoM averaging 7.24 second season and back were we belong in the premiership, went for a mid table finish for better wage and transfer budgets, got 22m to spend and did above expectations, was 4th in January and was asked if i wanted to change my expectations, went for title challenge and got another 6m to spend finished 3rd, didn't do so well in any of the cups though kept meeting Man city and haven,t won against them yet: Players in: Jack Butland - Birmingham 4.5m - tried buying Courtois but he wouldn't come to Leeds, so got Butland instead and is now a full international and my starting GK Ademilson - Sao Paulo 5.25m (some over 48m) - brilliant talent and did well as a rotation option Rory Delap - free - did well season before, stats started dropping though so was just backup to first team Luca Toni - free - was low wages and did well whilst he was here Ryan Shawcross - Stoke 20.5m (some over 48m) - came in as my first choice CB and is now my Captain, averaged 7.56 and 6 PoM Mattia Destro - Genoa CFC free - couldn't believe my luck he was on a free, good stats and averaged 7.25 scoring 12 in 24 Danny Wilson - Liverpool loan 100% wages - played really well through season, tried signing him at end of season, snubbed me to go to spurs January Denilson - Arsenal 1.5m - was transfer listed in January and i needed to bolster my midfield, has become integral to my team Benat - loan fee 85k p/m 40% wages Man City - January again, did well but not enough for me to make an offer at end of season Barry Holmes - Shelbourne 170k - young striker with a potential 4 star rating Seamus Coleman - Everton 2.5m - Vanden Borre injured and needed a good WB who could perform at this level Robbie Brady - Shelbourne 230k - another highly rated youngsters my scouts said should be a definite purchase Rory O'Donoghue - Shelbourne 230k - again my scouts rated him highly though hes not progressing as well as the other Shelbourne youngsters Vladimir Weiss - Pescara 3.4m - Good stats and still young enough to develop, is a good backup to Wellingto Nem Simao - free transfer - needed midfielders and this guy came along with some good stats, was a DM, retrained to MC and is now one of my better performers Players out: Lee Peltier - 500k Hibs Dominic Poleon - loan Sheff utd Sam Byram - loan Barnsley Danny Pugh - 160k Birmingham Luke Varney - 250k Birmingham Becchio - 1.7m Torino Monty Gimpel - loan Sheff utd Zac Thompson - Free Robbie Rogers - free Joe McCann - free Nathan Turner - free Lewis Turner - free Ross Killock - Free Charlie Clamp - free Patrick Antelmi - free Jamie Ashdown - free El-Hadji Diouf - free Jari Litmanen - free Alex Cairns - loan Accrington Ramon Nunez - free January: Ross McCormack - loan to Rangers 100% wages Rory O'Donoghue - loan Brentford now into my third season and have put title challenge as my expectation which netted me 32m in my kitty, so far its January and me and Arsenal are battling it out for top spot at the minute (Arsenal are 6 points ahead of me same games played, im 3 points ahead of Man utd with a game in hand), Chelsea knocked me out of the Capital 1 cup in the 4th round, still in the F.A. cup and the champions league where i finished 2nd in my group (1st PSV, 2nd Leeds, 3rd FC Bayern, 4th Zaragoza) got Schalke in the next round (who i beat and drew against in the euro cup) transfers: Players in: Ciaran Clark - West Brom 9.25m - good stats and plays well, bought as a defender but seems more at home in midfield Inigo Martinez - R.Sociedad 25m (all over 48m) - brilliant stats and scouted as a definite purchase Moses Kinguru - AJ Auxerre 22.5m (all over 48m) - Wonderkid D/WB bought as backup to White and is doing well in the games he gets Erick Torres - Chivas 13m - plays good at AMC or ST and is becoming a regular in the team Tomasz Kuszczak - free - needed a backup to Butland as Kenny is retiring and doesnt get much game time, solid second keeper Francesco Lovric - free - decent stats, cheap wages, see how he develops David Villa - loan 100% wages - was offered for 7m, but couldnt afford his wages (he wanted 115k p/w) tried loaning him and they wanted 230k p/m + 80% wages, put him on wanted list and got him for 5 months at no fee and 100% wages through DoF Players out: Mattia Destro - Man city 20m (17.5m up front 2.5m after 10 goals) got him for free and should have kept him really but he wanted to go. Sam Byram - Rangers loan Luca Toni - free David Norris - free Charlie Taylor - free Alex Cairns - free Rory O'Donoghue - Brentford loan Ross McCormack - Bristol City 2m Monty Gimpel - Notts Co loan Dominic Poleon - Bolton loan Dan Atkinson - Scunthorpe loan Rory Delap - Free Paul Green - Fulham 775k Francesco Lovric - Fleetwood loan my starting line up looks a little like this: --------------------------Butland -----------------Lees -- Shawcross -- Martinez --------Vanden Borre-------------------------White ----------------Denilson -- Simao -- Clark -----------------------Wellington Nem -------------------------David Villa Subs: Kuzszack Kisnorbo Coleman Kinguru Weiss Torres Ademilson of the starting Leeds squad, this is whos left: Paddy Kenny Tom Lees Jason Pearce Patrick Kisnorbo Aidan White Rodolph Austin Club has had many takeover stories, finally one came to be in Oct 14, but when the new chairman took over he said he wouldnt be investing in my squad, another Bates, just what i needed when im battling in 3 competitions!
  4. for those who got promoted first season, are there any good freebies to look out for in the 2nd season transfer window, last years FM there was a lot of really good players free for newly promted teams!
  5. cant wait to start my Leeds save tonight, hopefully will put up a good promotion run before start making plans to conquer Europe. anybody tried getting Craig Gordon, i think hes not got a club irl, used to be highly rated on fm!
  6. just started my Arsenal save, had an average pre-season, made a few good buys though and really stretched the budget (title challenge - £43m), started out the season against Man city, there were heavy favorites but i somehow managed a 4-0 win, going into the Udinese game (CL qualis) i was full of confidence, ended 1-1 at the emirates and to say we were lucky is an understatement, they bossed the game, after that came Fulham in the league which we drew again 0-0, really should have dominated that match, the came Udinese again, they scored first and i thought we were destined for the Europa but then after half time the team really came alive and we ended up winning 3-1 and thats where im upto now, heres my transfers: IN: Andrew Ayew - £12m Dongou - compensation Cotton - Compensation Podstawski - Compensation Crisetig - Compensation Emre Can - Loan Vrsaljko - £1m Jali - £350k Crisaldi - £13m Hulk - £30m (£10m up front £20m over 48 months) Neymar - £54m (got the board to buy him for me saying i needed him to reach my goals) OUT: Almunia - £1.5m malaga (im still paying £4.6 wages for a year) AOC - loan to FC lorient Ryo - loan to Rayo still optimistic for the season, but a little worried that my team havent being as good as they should be really.
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