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  1. Hadrians Wall, Great Wall of China, heck north of any wall. Lets get more languages for FM. Lets spread the love!
  2. If i tick exploit the middle does this have any effect on my narrowness? ie does it make my team play narrower? if this is the case, would clicking exploit middle and play wider counteract this?
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/dec/01/manchester-city-265m-deal-chinese-investment-group "Manchester City owners announce £265m deal with Chinese investors" Seems like this might be a market with a lot of potential! Manchester City certainly think so
  4. I've redressed the claim that Iraq winning the Asian Cup 2007 is equivalent to Greece winning Euro 2004. Wish I could find the pre tournament betting odds to clarify but google isn't producing.
  5. You haven't really moved the conversation on at all. You have just confirmed that, they undoubtedly weren't dead certs but neither is it on the scale of Greece. P.S Quarter Final of a World Cup is just making it out the group and winning one game- bit of a straw man argument
  6. "Sure they weren't dead certains, but neither is it comparable to Greece winning in 2004!" You haven't really moved the conversation on at all. You have just confirmed that, they undoubtedly weren't dead certs but neither is it on the scale of Greece.
  7. Iraq winning the 2007 Asian Cup isn't similar to Greece really. They also came 4th in 2015 and 1960's, and have a history of being in the top 10 in the Asian region (currently sat 11th out of 46). Sure they weren't dead certains, but neither is it comparable to Greece winning in 2004!
  8. Hi Neil, Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. Its great to hear its achievable and that its a possibility. My only thought being; is achieving is that target not a little cyclical? ie people wont buy it if its not in their language, as such it wont be considered for language support, thus people wont buy it etc... Although having said this obviously their would be some sales from expats and people proficient in English. The only thing is Chinas 2nd language english rates are nowhere near that of Europe, so the amount of people that would take a punt on it wouldn't be the same as that of Turkey or Greece. Essentially my point being, you might not achieve a small level of sales in China, but this doesn't mean there wouldn't still be huge potential for sales if it where translated. Also worse case scenario, me and my friends could chip in with some translations
  9. That may be true, but even if you capture the tiniest percent of the market its still a huge market. Equally, to the question off whether it might be a financial success I think this is missing the point considering the game is essentially a complete product. The only overheads would be the translation costs and whatever costs are associated with distribution. All this in mind, it would surely be a financial success, and one that would only grow. This is highlighted by the fact that FM Online has already been released in China (http://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-online-headed-china) Heres hoping we get a full version soon!
  10. It has a population of 1.4 billion, an average attendance of 18,700 which is 7th in the world (higher than Brazil and only just lower than Italy and France) and the biggest video game market in the world (http://www.newzoo.com/free/rankings/top-100-countries-by-game-revenues/) 7 times bigger than that of the UK Just saying it would make sense to get it cracking the Chinese market by making it available in Mandarin!!!
  11. Dear admin/staff/people in know I just wondered if there are any plans to include Mandarin language support in future versions?
  12. James Wilko all of their best roles are adjudged to be Trequartista by the assistant manager HUNT3R, My tactical plan is simple. I want the 9 players behind to be completely compact and workmanlike , play the a very simple game. The top 3 I essentially want to tell them, do what ever you see fit, give them complete creative freedom. From the way i read the player descriptions this would seem to be accurate?
  13. Hi there, I am currently playing in the Chinese Super league, which due to the constraints of its nationality rules I have 3 superb foreigner players all rated 5 stars and 9 pretty awful ones rated 2 stars. Those 3 players happen to be two strikers and one AM who all have trequartista as their best roles. My thought process has been as follows. - I have 3 insanely good players, and 9 awful ones. - I want the 3 to do all of the creative work and the 9 ones to be complete work horses - My formation is 442 with a narrow diamond (ie with 2 CMS, DM, AM) - I have set the philosophy to very rigid, and the 3 great players to trequartista (so they will have full creative freedom, and the others will have none). - I have chosen an anchor man and two ball wining midfielders to enforce they pick up the horse work of the 3 trequartistas. GK LB CB CB RB Anchor BWM BWM TRE TRE TRE My question is: In your opinion do i constrain the talents of the 3 players by setting them all to be trequartistas? is it a too much of the same role?
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