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  1. This maybe a stupid question to ask but Ive played FM for years and had success but as others have said FM10 seems a bit different. I definitely have been going wrong in not exploiting other teams weaknesses and I know I can find out some of their weaknesses by reading pre game scout reports but....(i may explain this wrong!) how do you get good at reading the game and spotting the teams weakness to exploit it? Ive watched matches on slow speeds but at times nothing consistent is happening so it makes it hard to figure out what to exploit, especially Ive found with weaker teams in lower leagues
  2. Looks like a good tactic ill give it a try! Just wondering what you consider to be "good" stats for players in League 2 for the important attributes you suggested? i.e. Full Back you said Crossing, Marking, Tackling, Anticipation, Concentration, Positioning, Team Work, Work Rate, Stamina, Acceleration - are you looking at roughly 14 in each of these? I never really knew lower down the leagues what sort of stats were "acceptable"
  3. Im playing FM08 I know bit old at this stage! I think I tried to update some comments in the game with download packs but now when I try interact with a player the screen is completely blank and it gives me no options. I just wanted to know which file this is, and how I can fix it? thanks if anyone can lend any ideas
  4. I may completely misunderstood this but from a real life point of view next season does that mean a lot of players squad numbers are gonna change then? like maybe Arsenal cause they'd have a younger squad
  5. if you wanted to play a legend game in the meantime someone created a Busby Babes game think it was on FM Britian
  6. can anyone repost tactic for download please?
  7. irishjones

    Board giving you ultimatums

    Im pretty sure in FM07 or FM08 I cant remember which one, i was playing with Lyon and had 3 successful seasons. Arsenal came knocking and when I said it would be hard to turn down the job, the board offered me an improved new contract. I didnt accept it but nice to be offered lol
  8. irishjones

    Unluckiest Fm Moment

    Is Bernard Brennan a regen or where does he start? Do you usually get the same regens coming up in a game i.e. if he is a regen is it likely he would appear in my game or someone elses game?
  9. irishjones

    The board have decided......

    If you start setting fees low isnt there a huge chance the player will get unhappy because then you would have to reject the offer? instead of putting the value really high and the club possibly pulling out because they think the price is way too high to pay for the player
  10. 2 memories for me - Winning the champions league final with Arsenal scoring twice in the last 5 minutes Then a career I started at Lyon winning back to back titles and cups, champions league semi final twice, then onto Valencia winning back to back La Liga titles, Champions League semi final again, then onto Juventus again winning back to back titles. But what was so pleasing was the team I built up at Juventus - Midfield was Robben, Palombo, A regen who seemed to be like an Italian Cesc Fabregas he was awesome! Messi, Ibrohimavic and Torres! Cant remember the back line think I had Barzagli but I was so pleased to build up that team....until my mother board died and I lost the save game Loved reading some of these great thread!
  11. ah cool thanks a mil....that switching fabregas to the MC spot instead of AMC worked a treat in the 4 games I played he was my best player and it kept saying in the reports after the match how good his passing/creativity was I just need to figure out why everyone else isn't doing their job! Just lost 2-0 at home to Man City
  12. higgins you were saying wwfan and millie guide available on FMBritain would be good to read but had a look and im not sure which one is theres? Theres quite a few on the first page of the site, is the tactical bible or do you know whats it called? cheers
  13. what do you usually do if you are at home playing a strong team but are behind and need to score? do you push up your D-line and slow down your tempo to try and get more of the ball or do you increase tempo?
  14. I know its only 1 game but I tried this out against Newcastle at home in the Carling Cup and he played very well, making some nice runs into the box supporting the attack and playing some nice passes through. On the after match report they said he was my strongest player and commented on his precise passing. As I said its only 1 game but I'll keep you posted. I did have to take him off around the 70th minute as he was knackered and brought on Aaron Ramsey to play the same role and he ended up scoring! So might be a good change to the tactic for Arsenal did you say you dont use any opposition instructions ever?
  15. cant say thats ever happened to me, have you reported it in the bug forum?