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  1. I hadn't checked this thread for a while and have to admit I'm pretty disappointed not to find an update, oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted.
  2. Welcome back Kipfizh I haven't read the update yet but just wanted to say that I'm really happy you're back and can't wait to get home tonight so that I can take the time to read your update properly.
  3. Not a single post in here for over a week and no update for weeks now, I miss Kipfizh
  4. It's not just motivation, it's all the mental attributes being high that lead to better performances. Compare Anelka and Raul if you want. Anelka was way faster than Raul, stronger and most certainly a better finisher too yet he acted like a **** for years and all he managed to get was transfer money. On the other hand Raul who's physical attributes aren't that impressive holds about a million records at one of the greatest football club ever and has more caps than anyone else for his country because he's got a great mentality, will alway fight, never gives up and actually works hard.
  5. Group A: Chile, Italy Group B: Czech Rep, England Group C: Brazil, USA Group D: Argentina, Ivory Coast Group E: Scotland, Spain Group F: France, Portugal Group G: Holland, Mexico Group H: Germany, Russia Spain to win it all. Good work, as usual, Kip.
  6. I was going to respond since you quoted me but I think that 5ergio's response below sums up quite well what I was going to type. I'll add that I said 'spread the talent a bit' which is what Abs_UK was asking for. I'll also add that seeing what nation the starlets chose was part of the experiment and that seeing how one nation copes with 14 stars and how others manage to integrate their one star will also bring more depth to the experiment. The full detail is a very good point and it'll no doubt add a twist to the experiment. All the more reasons to keep a bunch of English players actually because it'll allow us to see how the full details change the international game and how the AI improved between 07 and 09.
  7. First of all I don't see why you assume that England will dominate international football in this experiment considering that they didn't in the original experiment and had even more starlets. Second of all 8 out of the 22 starlets chose another nation so what you think would have been slightly better, spreading the talent around a bit, is exactly what is happening in this experiment. Finally, we will see some surprise results anyway so I'm not quite sure what you're suggesting would improve tbh.
  8. Competition editing will be awesome. Can we all jump in a time machine and fast forward to 2011?
  9. Thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure the rankings are updated at season end so between June 15th and June 20th. If you could post them as of July 1st to make sure I think it would make more sense. Thanks in advance.
  10. fwiw I read every single word of all of your updates as well as every single post in the thread before typing anything myself and I usually will at least drop a couple of lines after each update. If I was forced to pick a section that interests me less than the others it'd be the world beaters and the upcoming stars sections but from what you said these don't take you much time so I'm not sure it'd be worth it to get rid of them. I'll join the majority and say that in the end it's really up to you to write as much as you like and cut whatever section you think isn't worth your time and effort though and like Bermybhoy suggested if you want to cut a few sections to see if your readers care enough to moan it's fine by me but the clubs season summary, no matter how long and wordy it is, often is the most captivating section imo. Regarding this specific update I'm thrilled to see Lyon have such a wonderful season, winning the national trebble and the CL the same year goes beyond my wildest dreams for my team irl. I'd also agree with Jimbokav1971 and would like to see more details in the European Coefficient as when looking at them this time I was shocked to see France gain the fewest point out of all the top 10 nations even though Lyon won the CL, did all the other French teams get knocked out in the group stage of the CL and early in the UEFA cup?
  11. I really hope the Bandits sign some offensive force in January since that's obviously where the team has the biggest margin of improvement. I'm also impressed by the Sheriffs's incredible home form but I don't think it'll last all season and even with their away form picking up I don't see them finishing higher than their current third place.
  12. It'll make it even sweeter when we lift the League One trophy on the Sheriffs' ground. Go Bandits
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