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  1. oh sorry i didnt notice that i posted it in the wrong sections.anyway thanks a lot for the reply
  2. The game crashes after 17 April 2016. The only way of exiting the game is through Task Manager and then the crush dumb window opens and I have to quit the game. I downloaded many custom files (graphics, new leagues, etc.) but I've been playing for months and it was fine. The crash is only with this save and with other saves that I proceed through several seasons nothing happened, while in this game I did not even complete a full season. A similar thing happened to me only one time again, about 1/2 months before. I went to verify integrity game cache (I don't know if i spell it correctly) a
  3. When I advance my save after 17 April 2016, the screen crashes and the only way to escape from the game is by Task Manager. Then the window of the crash dumb opens and I must quit the game. I went to verify integrity of game cache and it tells me that 19 files failed to validate and will be reacquired, I don't know what to do next. I downloaded many editor and graphics files but the game was working correctly for many months. Saves that I proceed through many seasons did not crash but this save crashes and I did not even completed a full season.
  4. Guys does anyone have tycoons in Greece or Cyprus? for Cyprus you will need to have downloaded additional database
  5. How can I increase the reputation of my club? If I arrange friendlies with famous teams or sign a player with reputation higher than my team it will help?
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