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  1. Hi again, the main cause to this problem is that in fact the league rule is that I must have HG Nation players in my match squad... This is in fact something what was mentioned by @FrazT above... "home grown player from same nation (trained for 4 years between ages of 12 and 19)" is what qualifies a player to be NG Nation... So, any idea why a lot of domestic players still don't have this tag even though thay have played in the nation all their careers? And any idea how to search for players which qualify for the above mentioned rule? Thanks
  2. No, default one. The only thing is that this save is my only one since beta. Attached my HG status for first team (not full team visible, but you get the point even from this... 7 Trained at club + 9 Trained in nation and I have problems with match squad meeting a rule of min 3 HG trained in nation...
  3. I perfectly understand this FrazT. However, most of my youngsters are marked as HG in nation and club, but when I want to select the team for match, I fail to have 3 HG at club. Weird thing. Maybe I am facing some sort of a bug here...
  4. I know that, thanks. The real problem is that a player should become HG at club, and I have been notified that he has become that. However he still is not counted as HG at club for league selection. In case of Champions League he is normally HG for club. This is why I am trying to figure out maybe a player can't count as club HG for league if he is FGN nationality...
  5. Hello, Is there a list/guide related to the number of day combinations for gaining nationalities in countries? I have realized that it is not always the same amount of time per nation to gain the nationality. Mexicans in Spain gain the Spanish nationality after 750 days (continuously) South Africans in Spain gain the Spanish nationality after 3650 days (continuously) I would find such a list very useful, since I have a lot of young potentials from all over the world in my Hajduk Split side and have trouble with non-eu nations. If I knew the shortest way of gainin
  6. Thanks, I have noticed now that last edit was in february
  7. Hello, it seems you didn't mention my career? Is there a rule which disqualifies me or? Thanks!
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