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  1. I'm gonna have to say there have been some matches that seem to be predetermined in my FMM2016 career with dortmund. One of them came when midway through the season when I was undefeated and I ended up losing to like the 18th ranked team 0-4. I had saved the game before and decided to reload it just to see if I could get a different result...ended up trying about 15 different times with different tactics, different players, etc...lost every time, usually badly. There were a few times where it looked like I would eke out a draw, only to be scored on in the 90th minute. If your familiar with
  2. Haha well I just checked again and it says under Suspensions on the player card "Banned for 98 German matches (15 yellow cards)" Does this mean that getting 15 yellows in a season results in a almost 2 and a half season league ban?? If not a bug, the league must've figured the guy's too dangerous to play anymore...if it helps, he has 20 aggression and 20 strength so his tackles must be pretty scary. But he also has 20 technique so you'd think he'd be sliding in clean :/
  3. One of my players at dortmund received a 98 german league match ban ?? Is this a bug or is this actually something in the game....he got 22 yellows last season if that makes a difference... I'd like to know what to do since he is worth 40 million or so haha
  4. So i've noticed in games that every now and then, one of the action replays they show is the other team's goalie booting the ball either right to my striker or it bounces off their defender to my striker. Either way, what results is my striker getting the ball about 40 yards or so away from the goal and he has a 1v1 with the goalie, as he is past the other team's back line. However, instead of dribbling it closer and rounding the keeper, my player will take a shot from 40 or 30 yards out...resulting in the goalie easily grabbing the shot. Is there a way to fix this, or does my striker actua
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