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  1. Hi, Lately the the pitch is all white whilst watching in 3D, like an Ice skating rink, How do I fix this? Any help gratefully appreciated.
  2. Been thinking of upgrading for a few weeks now so was wondering has anyone experienced an improvement running FM on W10? Cheers
  3. I didn't save it to my hard drive. If I go into the folders on desktop it's saved in the games folder under file name "config" but on start screen on FM no load last game available or if I click load game nothings in that folder
  4. OK I restarted my computer (leaving the disk in) and it sorted itself out all up and running thank you, but I am having trouble continuing my Demo save game on the full one, nothing showing on the cloud save?
  5. Basically I enter the disk in my drive and no installation screen appears, it is recognised in my external drive, so I try to do it manually (steam icon setup) and I get the first part of what language I want to install, then get the above message "NoAppID configured"
  6. I got my box copy today and I keep getting this message? It won't auto install either Need help please
  7. So I installed speedfan to monitor my Laptop as it seemed to be running on the hot side. Now I am confused to what one of the 4 categories I should pay particular attention to On the panel next to the clock on the right side it states 25/26 but Temp 1 was showing around 61 and it feels really hot next to the fan so which one do I go by? Thank you in advance
  8. I buy mine every year from my local football club, so check if you live close to one usually the non league clubs. http://khfcstore.co.uk/product/football-manager-2016/ I collect mine but there is a £3.95 delivery option still making it under £20.00 but there is limited stock. Hope this helps someone.
  9. MK Dons are doing well on my save, in 5th place just 2 points below me.
  10. Yeah Jojo, when we had Jordon Ibe on loan there was an agreement that Liverpool had first refusal on Demarai Gray if we chose to sell,definitely benefits both clubs in that respect.
  11. Think we had Arsenal as our parent club back when Steve Bruce managed us, we had Nicklas Bendtner, Patrice Muamba on loan Pretty sure Kidderminster Harriers is our current feeder club, a few U21's have been loaned to them.
  12. Loving it too!! Well it's in the game so not really, plus I had no success in loaning anyone in as the players on the loan list had no interest in joining Add to that I'm bringing and training the youth players (all HG), some up and comers so that is IMO "An English thing"
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