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  1. Hi! First of all, wow! Thanks for all your work!! I was wondering if it was possible to request additional leagues added in? The Anglian Combination Premier and Division One are in, but I would love to be able to play as the village I grew up in, who play in the Anglian Combination Division Four. I know its probably a lot to ask, but I'd love to have a go at playing them, if thats ok to ask for!
  2. I'm an unemployed manager, so Staff Search isn't an option for me right now, I remember in older games I could do it without being a manager at a club?
  3. Ok so, I'm one of those strange players that likes to holiday and watch everything unfold and I just got FM16, my first FM game in a while, I have a very huge game underway and for some reason I can't organise the managers by reputation, like you used to be able to? I wanna be able to see who has the highest rep of the managers in the game, I've gone to World > Managers but I got nothing? Anyone know how to do this?
  4. Federico Laurito played for me on FM2007 for a couple of years, I sold him on to an Italian club, and then he moved through Italy and Spain and ended up being two-time world player of the year! Also, for me on FM2007 - Jack Hobbs. Bought him for next to nothing for Norwich City, and as I became a major team, he stayed in my squad, his performance never dropped. He ended up with 18 England caps, and is currently a coach for my Norwich team in that game, when I go back to play it.
  5. Portugal eliminating England? What a surprise hah. KUTGW Kip, I'm so glad this is back. And here's to hoping that Porugal get thrashed in the final! Haha.
  6. Love seeing this back!!!! I was here from here in 2007 and here in 2009 and cannot wait to see this progress. A small prediction from me is that in the short term the Sherrifs will do better, but that the Bandits will be better in the long run. I'm so glad I decided to come look here again. 'mon the Bandits!!!!
  7. Being as I currently live in Nottingham, may I say that the caves are an awesome treat to go an see!
  8. Hey dude! Just to let you know I'm still here! And still enjoying the story, best of luck in League 2!
  9. Wow! Quite the interviewee that one! Makes me fear for the ones coming up after her haha!
  10. Wow, the new season almost becomes secondary here. I still love this story, just James' luck that the press get video of his EPIC jump into the pool, and think it was a suicide attempt haha!
  11. Dude, I love this story far too much too abandon it. Maybe a dream scene with Caroline though, just a goodbye lol. Anyway, Story's going good as always. I wonder who the international player is haha, should be interesting. Also, Hulk Hogan is still involved in wrestling. Just. But yeah KUTGW dude, your story continues to impress and impress and impress!!!!! Goodbye Caroline.
  12. Noooooooo!!!!!!! Not Caroline! She was one of my favourite characters! Fabulous storytelling as always mate, glad to see the forums back up and you back to what you do so well!
  13. OMG!!! Not my favourite goth! Pleeeeeeese!
  14. Started a game with New York Cosmos, loving the database my man! Notable transfers that I've signed include Anton Ferdinand, three good Serbians in Milos Ninkovic, Radosav Petrovic and Pavle Ninkov as well as classic goalie Vincent Enyeama! Currently on a six-match unbeaten run, into the split stage of the league, and I've got a US Open semi-final stage on the way! Awesome database dude!
  15. ouch, i've heard of lightning not striking twice in the same place, but three times!!!! Whoa! see what I did there? Lightning? Strike?..... oh. never mind......
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