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  1. Never mind, I obviously did not read the OP thoroughly enough...
  2. Hi! You describe inverted wing backs in the text, but when i load your .fmf the formation has regular wing backs. Why is this?
  3. I have been using this tactic for almost a season with Liverpool. AMAZING first 5 months, scoring 4 and 5 goal more often than not, and then my strikers almost stopped scoring. I dont really know what happened. Decided to go for one of your other tactics that are based around the same formation. First game in gave me a 6-1 against Everton, using WOF, so maybe things are back to "normal". Simply great tactics, man!
  4. Yeah, that is what I have been thinking, and I guess it was supposed to work as well. I will give it a go!
  5. I have decided to try this out, on FMT, managing Messina in Serie C/C. This way I can compare fortunes with Darren.
  6. Anybody still doing this challenge playing FMT? I am considering it. I understand that in FMT the youth intake is not as broad as in the full game, but you still get some new players in every year, even at the lowest levels, dont you? Any suggestions for clubs to manage?
  7. So you don’t think too much about if a player has got good passing rather then work rate, or vice versa? What is your criteria for telling a good player from a decent one? i have understood from forum reading to not pay too much attention to role suitability?
  8. Hi! I was trying out a tactic with similar defensive 5, but could not make it work with my somewhat changed Newcastle, so I dropped it for one of your 4-3-3 formations. Now that I found this one I can’t wait to get home to try it out! I have read through some of your other threads, looking for player advice, as in what attributes to prioritise for the different positions, but I haven’t found it. Could you (or somebody else for that sake) point me to a reply somewhere where this is discussed? By the way: Thanks for saving my job just in time when I switched to one of your other tactics 🙏
  9. I have just spent an hour and half reading this thread. Really nice read, I must say. Especially since my iPad won't load FMT at the moment...
  10. Yes, I found it myself, but thanx anyway! Just remembered I had great success with a Braumiller tactic a couple of seasons back. Was it a strikerless one?
  11. How do you set two players to lurk outside? Once one is positioned there I am only allowed to "swap with...", which means I won't have two players outside the box... "Attack from deep" was the answer to my own question
  12. Oh, and I wanted to ask about offensive set pieces routines. I am playing on my iPad, and have recreated (or at least tried to) Tianxia successfully, but I very really score from set pieces. Is this true for you guys as well?
  13. The old 4132 would be really really welcome in my saves. It always was my go-to back in the days of champman 03/04 and before. Oh, those were the days!
  14. I am wondering. Could the IF's be replaced by any striker role? I am curious about this tactic, and how all you guys write about it, but my problem is that I don't (almost) any wingers in my squad, as I have been playing a three striker formation lately. So, do you think this formation would transfer well into a three striker formation? What roles for SC would be the most similar to the AMR/L's IF?
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