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  1. It appears when the salary cap is active in the NHL the minimum player budget that a team can get (after Jul. 1st of the next season after starting) is the total cap. Example: Cap is 75000000, Arizona Team rep and market size = 1 in the database, july 1st comes and there players budget is 75000000. With the salary cap disabled it is about 53000000. This is creating every team having the ability to spend to the cap
  2. Currently in 2020 and almost every team is up against or over the salary cap in August. This is creating a lot of really good players hitting the waiver wire. Would be great to see the teams manage the salary cap better, as well as some smaller market teams have tighter budgets. It seems if a player is willing to resign with the team the team will re-sign them no matter what every time.
  3. Would be nice to assign a captain and not have to worry about the AI assigning a new captain when simming....
  4. The game does not utilize defensive players very well. Most players (usually forwards) with a 'defensive' player role often end up with average ratings in the low 6's.
  5. Seems a lot of the angry board reactions comes from trades where you get draft picks in return
  6. Seems any trade involving a draft pick in return my board is pissed... Kyle Turris is playing like **** with a 6,7 GR and 29 with one year left on his contact, traded him for 2 1sts and a 3rd liner and my board rages
  7. Still seeing a lot of players renewing their contracts for 1 or 2 years (Ladd / Byfuglien)
  8. It seems to happen during every game I try and start, I have saved games but not right before the trades.
  9. Had a game-breaking amount of horrible trades my first season. It seemed almost every trade was this bad... 1. Nate Guenin for a 2nd rounder. Nate Guenin is 33 years of age and a career minor leaguer. 2. Joonas Korpisalo for Michal Rozsival. Korpisalo is a pretty good goalie prospect, and Rozsival is 37 years old and was sent to the minors by Columbus and was a healthy scratch in the AHL the whole season. 3. Dustin Byfuglien to Nashville for 2 B (maybe C) level prospects. 4. 1st round pick for Mike Weber and probably a C+ rated prospect. Mike Weber is a 6th-7th dman. 5. Valeri Nichushkin for Kris Russel and a B level prospect. 6. Dennis Wideman for David Pastrnak. 7. Mike Cammalleri for a 1st, 2nd, Ilya Samsonov (A prospect) and Liam O'brien (B prospect) I hope there is an update quick to fix this!
  10. Players never really seem to regress... I have Sid Crosby still scoring 40+ a year until he's 36, with no signs of slowing down. This is the case for most players. I believe players really take a hit around 30 expect a few, so hopefully this can be looked at as it was a problem in 07 too.
  11. I really have a problem here... Teams only resigning players (and signing big name UFAs) to 1-2 year deals... Example... Sidney Crosby: 2020 (I know he's 32, but still..) - 1 year extension (Coming off a 41 goal, 96 point 2019-2020 season) 2021 - 2 year extension 2023 - 1 year extension 2024 - 1 year extension (He's still producing at 40 goals a season) This seems to happen with everyone not coming off entry level deals, while players coming off entry level deals are generally signing 3-4 year deals. I think even though a player is over 28, if he is still producing he should be getting a longer contract. If Stamkos hits free-agency IRL he will get the max 8 years on a deal, in EHM he gets a 1 or 2 year deal. There is a problem here and hopefully this can get resolved ASAP
  12. Maybe I can add this here: Minor pro teams can sign overagers from CHL teams during the playoffs... been a problem since 07
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