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  1. As I promised, I'm gonna promote your lovely job in Poland: https://myfootballmanager.pl/dodatki/other/94/football-manager-17-fifa-nations-league-rewolucja-reprezentacje-narodowe-w-systemie-ligowym-plus-rozgrywki-pucharowe And Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/mojfootballmanager/ Well done and thank you! Great job.
  2. If I would like to prepare an article about your FM17 FIFA Nations League - where do the link? Here? Or link straight here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwow69v1nu8nbr2/FM17+Nations+League+1.0_6B7F7062-53B4-43D1-87D8-58DC0DD31949.fmf ? Just let me know:-)
  3. Thank you mate for a quick response. Well done! Good job! We will test your FM17 FIFA Nations League - Polish community grouped on Mój Football Manager: https://myfootballmanager.pl/ I'm co-owner of this website and I'm gonna promote it! We had an interesting discussion today about it.
  4. I've removed U-21 FIFA Cup of Nations, and - of course - expectations gone:-) But maybe you'll find out the bug and it will be unnecessary.
  5. I'm just testing yours database, mate:-) Polish national team - manager's on holiday. But everywhere (every nation) expactations are exactly the same: win U21 Cup of Nations. Really good job, by the way! On normal (default) database everything's fine. No U21 expectations.
  6. My question is: how to remove U-21 expectations? When I manage main team only, how can I be responsible for U-21 :-) ?
  7. Anyway - is there any way to load player only not the club?
  8. I would like to be sure that some of the players will appear in the game, even when the database will be "small". I know that I can do the command: "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "581" (581 means Newport County) But I don't want to see all the players, only a single one. So does anybody tell why the folllowing command doesn't work: "RETAIN_PLAYER" "1394631863" ? (1394631863 means a new player created by me)
  9. Thank you @michaeltmurrayuk! Of Course! Retain command: (581 - Newport County). Then move DDT to Steam/Steamapps/common/Football Manager 2017/data/db/1730/edt/permanent I was wondering why I can't do it per person? It should be command: "RETAIN_PLAYER" "1394631863" (1394631863 - that's my Aldridge) If you got any idea... just let me know! If not, could you give me an editors forum link, please?
  10. Thank you, but I know how to create a player:-) My question was: what to do, to be sure that player created by me will appear in the game. Even when I choose small database and do not choose England. An example... I'm creating 80' Legends and I've created John Aldridge. Is there any way, to have John Aldridge all the time in the game, no matter what database I choose?
  11. If I want to create a players, what I have to do, to be sure that those players created by me will be in the game? Even when database will be "small"? Is there any rule?
  12. Oh, really?... Why? I'm disappointed so much:-( Is there any chance to do something with that?
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