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  1. UPDATE: it all happens when you let your assistant leads friendly matches! If you do it on your own, everything is fine. Shouldn't be like that!
  2. Guys, I'm Football Manager (Championship Manager) fan since 2002 and I'm absolutely surprised that 7 months after game release I'm still founding such a big bugs: 1. 05.09 - I've organized friendly game between my club and Sokol Kleczew: 2. Info about unavailable players - international duties (Mannion - England, Ninković - Serbia, Gumny, Butenko, Puchacz, Slisz, Cielemęcki, Musiałowski - Poland). 3. Poland had a game 03.09 against Faroe Islands. My players: Butenko, Puchacz, Cielemęcki and Slisz: 4. Matchday (friendly game against Sokol Kleczew, 05
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