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  1. Hi there. Old man here (35). Been playing since Amiga days - although I arguably preferred Sensible World of Soccer and Ultimate Football Manager (lol) during that period. *duck Don't you just love the way forum posts always start with some kind of CV as if to somehow qualify what follows? Hehe. Anyway I lost interest when the game got way too nerdy in the mid noughties. Whilst I appreciate tactical depth and challenge I didn't have time for 50 hr seasons etc. I have always enjoyed the squad building, negotiating, man managing and juggling finances etc. way more than the tactical side of the game personally. Anyway I don't post here no more and I never buy the game before Feb and I never buy it from Steam (although I usually pick it up as a key from fleabay or something after patch 3). So don't consider me a vet or bitter or even bothered. I just wanted to say that I have been surprised how much fun I have had this year with the winter update. Why? Because whilst there are still a ton of things I loathe about the game, you have finally started fixing stuff that really, really makes a game fun or not. At last. Here's a few things you have done to illustrate my point: 1. You have finally fixed player fatigue. Perhaps it is a bit 'easier' now but form is no longer directly connected to a fixed percentage. That means player personality and your man management now count for something when trying to get the best out of a player. 2. You have made money talk. Now people will sign for you if you offer then stupid money. Instead of just not. 3. Players develop their stats now. No longer is it a min maxing affair, you have general training and an area of specialization that works. It just works. Thanks! 4. Players are no longer absolutely useless when they hit 33. Like wow. Suddenly all these experienced pros with medals out the yazzooo and amazing mental/leadership stats are actually useful to have. No longer does player decline mean immediate sale. I just won the Championship with Nuno Gomes and Eidur Gudjonson up front. I totally love that about this release - because I was able to play a certain way that maximised their mental stats to an extent that I was able to compensate for their physical decline. In previous versions the moment a player loses his legs he is useless. Nuno Gomes is now 38 and still plays 10-15 games a season for me and the team really benefits from his leadership etc. 5. I don't know if this is just me but tactics seem 'simpler' to organize. No longer do I need to have a plan E, F, G and change formation and OI and marking instructions 50 times a match. I have a 'team philosophy' now with a Van Gaal esque 532 which can be adapted to play on the counter or with a higher pressing approach. It works great and I don't need to micro manage every aspect to get a decent result from every game I play (by decent I don't mean winning every time 6-0). 6. Team cohesion is no longer so extreme that I can no longer expect to get any kind of performance out of a player I sign in the first season he is at the club. Likewise with getting the team to play together at all for 18 months. 7. Championship level management feels more realistic now. Bigger clubs will come for your best young players and you will have no choice but to let them go. It is no longer possible to blitz up the leagues (in my experience) by signing and developing 15 future international stars. 8. Injuries now seem more realistic and more reasonable. I get more long term injuries than lots of little short term ones. And players who are injury prone need careful management. I like this a lot. 9. Thanks for making number 10's now actually work. And not not work. Like srsly. So all in all, even if this version is classed as 'easy', I still think its more of a 'game' than the hyper nerdy stuff of yore. So thumbs up from me. I still aint paying £34.99 for FM though. Ever. Just sayin'.
  2. Ho hum. If you say so. How about the above? Is it possible to set a future transfer for staff in the editor?
  3. Is this not worthy of an official update? I'm not a Manc fan but this is a huge deal for most people in football.
  4. Won champions league with liverpool in 2nd season, finished 2nd in EPL. This tactic is silly good.
  5. Awesome tactic, totally dominates with Liverpool in 1st season. Pretty silly really. I suspect the a-symmetry is gaming the ME something fierce. Still top marks! o7
  6. Hi there. I have been trying for a while now to understand how to play the fm13 match engine. I did a lot of googling and read all the guides and blogs etc. They all presume you understand the quirks of the match engine. I don't. Now I found a good little summary of what everything does in FM13 here: http://soccerlens.com/football-manager-tactics/71996/ Its a great way to get an overview or general idea of how the ME works and how you should conceptualize your approach to the AI. Would someone who really understands please go through that list of features and flesh it out a bit more? Specifically: how this will work in practice, if it is flawed, how it can be used to counter specific approaches, how best to use this etc. I find a lot of guides tend to say 'yeah pressing means this in ME terms' but they dont say 'pressing means this in ME terms - but if you want your team to play a certain way dont do it, or do it like this etc'. Its the missing link! The difference between being able to grasp how this game works and how to be successful and not. I know what everything does but I need to know how it actually pans out and how in effect to avoid making silly mistakes in strategy approach. I would also be really grateful if someone could explain how formation has an effect on your teams performance abstracted from your team mentality/player roles. Is it true that any 'recognized' standard formation will be fine as long as your match day approach, defensive lines, marking, mentalities etc are tailored to suit the opposition? Also I find, frustratingly, in FM13 and in previous FMs to an extent, you are more often required to react to the AI's approach to succeeed. Instead of say, trying to play your own game and overwhelm and force the AI to react to your approach. I find that really annoying and was just wondering if its ever really possible to play that way?
  7. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Ackter: They spent years developing the 2D engine. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yeah ok. Like they spend hours every day fixing the bugs? If someone is working 8 hrs a day on this game I am Captain Kangaroo. You could fix all the current issues in a week, so why does it take them months? Where's the team of programmers, the dedicated management etc? Its nonsense. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">To be honest what you think here is just plainly rediculous, and there's only so many plainly rediculous arguments I can get involved in. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Fair enough. I've had my say.
  8. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Ackter: It's simply amazing how paranoid people are about a computer game. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Why paranoid? I remember when the 2d match representation was introduced .. I was well into it on the Amiga before that ****. I don't see how you go from text only to a full, rolling, all interactive match that plots the exact trajectory of every ball and movement of every player - from a bunch of variables, a bit of a random number and 50 lines of 'he shoots, he scores!'. Come on .. They didn't do that much work on it. They just 'blinged' it up.
  9. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Ackter: You're entitled to your opinion, but yes I will tell you you're wrong. If it didn't do it in that way then it wouldn't be able to show highlights. So many people believe that SI are cheating them in some way, but there's absolutely no reason as to why they'd go to all that trouble. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> They don't, its just a module. Bling. Eye candy so you don't feel like you are 'playing' Access via Excel. With a bit of Paint chucked in.
  10. I don't believe that for a second. I'd like to, but look at how sloppy they are with most aspects of the game experience, what poor judgemenbt they consistently show with regard sorting out gameplay balancing and bugs which should never crop up if there weren't massive cut corners in implementation and prototyping. Human input and decisions are probably a negligible part of the drama. Of course, you will tell me I am wrong and I likely am. But after years of playing these games and them not actually getting any smarter, I figure they have painted themselves into a corner s'all.
  11. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Powermonger: Having looked at the ProZone implementation in CM08, I firmly believe this is what FM now needs to allow us FM players to be able to push forward and get some control back into our games. Continually flying blind and frustratingly trying to understand why we are losing wears thin rather quickly. Giving us a tool to help us better analyse our matches when we lose, we can make more informed tactical or training changes which would alleviate the current frustrations I think many of us are suffering from. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> That wont work though, since the results are pre-caculated and the 2d representation is purely a pretty add on and doesn't do a very good job of representing the maths. What Si. need to do is start again with a truly dynamic match engine, calculated in real time not adjusted to fit an already determined result. Thats not going to happen soon because it would require thousands of man hours to implement.
  12. Can't say that I am enjoying it. The results make no sense, defense doesn't seem to matter a jot. I have two of the best defenders in the world, a sound tactic and I am still getting 15 shots on target a game. As has been said above, its insane. I am either winning 5-1 or loosing 5-1. When you win, you don't feel joy because you know it wasn't much to do with any decisions you made .. No, I am playing Fm2007. PS: FWIW I also found the game to be clunky and very slow to process results on my box. Considering I have a pretty powerful PC this doesn't seem acceptable. Won't be buying fm2009. As things stand, I feel FM is becoming like Windows: Once every five years you actually get a new version not a nip-tuck, and when you do, it is unusable until SP2 at least .. Sort it out S.I. Its painfully evident your majority of sales are coming from loyal long term fans: abuse us at your peril.
  13. Agents?! Where are they? No agents in FM. In the real world agents dictate football transfers. Every player has an agent, every agent wants a cut, has ulterior motives etc such as with the dodgy media companies who "own player rights". Where's bungs? Why I cant I accept bungs or offer them? Where's the extra incentives, the "sweeteners" in transfer deals such as club car, club accommodation, living expenses percentage paid, media and sponsorship revenue percentages. Beckham is a brand; Real know that that’s why they signed him. They get 50% of all his media/sponsorship revenue ffs. Where are the doping tests and scandals? Not in FM. The lack of this kind of variety and complexity to the Ambition Machine makes SI dull and it is all too often too easy to view it as a rolling OO Database and not a game. Considering you guys have been at this for over a decade, it’s disappointing to see consistently the level of complexity we can find in other strategy or build-em-up games. CIV, Rome Total War, Master of Orion etc. It’s the little details that set a game apart from its competition. The fact FM has no valid competition is possibly why innovation is so slow and implementation is often superficial. Sorry guys but the match engine is only half of being a football manager, the rest is the dark side of finance, transfers, property developments, affiliations, contracts, agents, bribed officials etc. If all that boils down to is a few multiple choice questions every week, it’s a sadness. Anyone can bung together some scripted events and triggers, that’s not what people expect from a series of this pedigree. The fact they are often only ever properly balanced out by patches compounds the disillusionment.
  14. Transfers IRL even rubbish mega flop players get moved on to other clubs and fresh starts. There are always people who want to sign your players. I can understand it might be difficult to move on players in the lower leagues/semi professional conference scene but L2. L1. CH, PRM ought to have NO problems at all selling on players. Why then can’t I get a fair price for anyone? I have offered players on free transfers and still nobody wants them. In the real world, if you put a player on the transfer list they will sell. It may be at a loss but they will go. Everyone wants players. Think how many times has a foreign flop at a PRM team been sold? Veron? Kleberson? Djemba Djemba? Mutu? Please consider making the AI far more likely to come in and buy players. I have had some players in my reserves squad who are playing internationally but attract zero interest even if I offer them for free. That’s dumb. Viduka for example at Middlesbrough has a value of 1m ish. I offer him for 500k and half the teams in the championship would fall over themselves to sign him. His reputation as a premiership striker assures him football. In my game .. he has been sat in my reserve squad for two seasons on 30k per week and nobody wants him even on a free. IRL this would be absurd.
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