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  1. Hi there. Old man here (35). Been playing since Amiga days - although I arguably preferred Sensible World of Soccer and Ultimate Football Manager (lol) during that period. *duck Don't you just love the way forum posts always start with some kind of CV as if to somehow qualify what follows? Hehe. Anyway I lost interest when the game got way too nerdy in the mid noughties. Whilst I appreciate tactical depth and challenge I didn't have time for 50 hr seasons etc. I have always enjoyed the squad building, negotiating, man managing and juggling finances etc. way more than the tactical side of the game personally. Anyway I don't post here no more and I never buy the game before Feb and I never buy it from Steam (although I usually pick it up as a key from fleabay or something after patch 3). So don't consider me a vet or bitter or even bothered. I just wanted to say that I have been surprised how much fun I have had this year with the winter update. Why? Because whilst there are still a ton of things I loathe about the game, you have finally started fixing stuff that really, really makes a game fun or not. At last. Here's a few things you have done to illustrate my point: 1. You have finally fixed player fatigue. Perhaps it is a bit 'easier' now but form is no longer directly connected to a fixed percentage. That means player personality and your man management now count for something when trying to get the best out of a player. 2. You have made money talk. Now people will sign for you if you offer then stupid money. Instead of just not. 3. Players develop their stats now. No longer is it a min maxing affair, you have general training and an area of specialization that works. It just works. Thanks! 4. Players are no longer absolutely useless when they hit 33. Like wow. Suddenly all these experienced pros with medals out the yazzooo and amazing mental/leadership stats are actually useful to have. No longer does player decline mean immediate sale. I just won the Championship with Nuno Gomes and Eidur Gudjonson up front. I totally love that about this release - because I was able to play a certain way that maximised their mental stats to an extent that I was able to compensate for their physical decline. In previous versions the moment a player loses his legs he is useless. Nuno Gomes is now 38 and still plays 10-15 games a season for me and the team really benefits from his leadership etc. 5. I don't know if this is just me but tactics seem 'simpler' to organize. No longer do I need to have a plan E, F, G and change formation and OI and marking instructions 50 times a match. I have a 'team philosophy' now with a Van Gaal esque 532 which can be adapted to play on the counter or with a higher pressing approach. It works great and I don't need to micro manage every aspect to get a decent result from every game I play (by decent I don't mean winning every time 6-0). 6. Team cohesion is no longer so extreme that I can no longer expect to get any kind of performance out of a player I sign in the first season he is at the club. Likewise with getting the team to play together at all for 18 months. 7. Championship level management feels more realistic now. Bigger clubs will come for your best young players and you will have no choice but to let them go. It is no longer possible to blitz up the leagues (in my experience) by signing and developing 15 future international stars. 8. Injuries now seem more realistic and more reasonable. I get more long term injuries than lots of little short term ones. And players who are injury prone need careful management. I like this a lot. 9. Thanks for making number 10's now actually work. And not not work. Like srsly. So all in all, even if this version is classed as 'easy', I still think its more of a 'game' than the hyper nerdy stuff of yore. So thumbs up from me. I still aint paying £34.99 for FM though. Ever. Just sayin'.
  2. Ho hum. If you say so. How about the above? Is it possible to set a future transfer for staff in the editor?
  3. Is this not worthy of an official update? I'm not a Manc fan but this is a huge deal for most people in football.
  4. Won champions league with liverpool in 2nd season, finished 2nd in EPL. This tactic is silly good.
  5. Thanks for the detailed info BiggusD and Domus! o7
  6. Awesome tactic, totally dominates with Liverpool in 1st season. Pretty silly really. I suspect the a-symmetry is gaming the ME something fierce. Still top marks! o7
  7. Hi there. I have been trying for a while now to understand how to play the fm13 match engine. I did a lot of googling and read all the guides and blogs etc. They all presume you understand the quirks of the match engine. I don't. Now I found a good little summary of what everything does in FM13 here: http://soccerlens.com/football-manager-tactics/71996/ Its a great way to get an overview or general idea of how the ME works and how you should conceptualize your approach to the AI. Would someone who really understands please go through that list of features and flesh it out a bit more? Specifically: how this will work in practice, if it is flawed, how it can be used to counter specific approaches, how best to use this etc. I find a lot of guides tend to say 'yeah pressing means this in ME terms' but they dont say 'pressing means this in ME terms - but if you want your team to play a certain way dont do it, or do it like this etc'. Its the missing link! The difference between being able to grasp how this game works and how to be successful and not. I know what everything does but I need to know how it actually pans out and how in effect to avoid making silly mistakes in strategy approach. I would also be really grateful if someone could explain how formation has an effect on your teams performance abstracted from your team mentality/player roles. Is it true that any 'recognized' standard formation will be fine as long as your match day approach, defensive lines, marking, mentalities etc are tailored to suit the opposition? Also I find, frustratingly, in FM13 and in previous FMs to an extent, you are more often required to react to the AI's approach to succeeed. Instead of say, trying to play your own game and overwhelm and force the AI to react to your approach. I find that really annoying and was just wondering if its ever really possible to play that way?
  8. I've noticed this at all levels of the game. Even when offered exactly what they want they sometimes won't accept. Odd.
  9. Erm no but I do expect them to actually put stadiums in, not grey boxes with no textures whatsoever. That's just lazy.
  10. Just to add .. I didn't just avoid LL Italy. I also had previously selected all European leagues, many view only, but I went only for the 'major' ones this time round. England, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Belgium etc. Many minor leagues were set view only, so they aren't getting full competition detail/processing of results. The engine isn't terribly efficient from what I can tell and even on a super computer it will bring it to its knees. Here's my current DB, lag free: 3ghz dual core with 2 gb of ram. This setup (incredibly) uses almost 1gb so scale it back according to your box's capabilities. PS: Remember you can also cut back the detail level on playable leagues. This will help tremendously.
  11. Guys .. The 3d vidual is _representative_ of the match engine. Just because it doesn't do a very good job at times of visually representing whats been calculated behind the scenes doesn't mean its cheating you. You need to accept that it isn't perfect and if your defender stands around without putting in a tackle and the striker runs right past him it doesnt mean the engine didn't calculate a challenge, it just means the 3d view didn't render it. That could be because of bugs, poor programming, lack of animations etc. The game does not cheat (much), its just the views are buggy.
  12. No. In my experience what effects the overall responsiveness of the interface is the number of leagues you run. Its not abour RAM .. its about the sheer number of arithmetic that needs to be processed in the background. I run 30 leagues currently lag free. I also think that some leagues have bugs which cause severe lag as I played a game with 30 leagues yesterday and couldn't even pick a team it was so laggy. Today its fine. Difference? I haven't selected any lower divisions from Italy .. Coincidence? For sure but there are definately competition bugs that contribute to slow down. Which ones and how is anyone's guess.
  13. So once again someone has to do for free what they can't be bothered to do: finish their game for them? Sounds about right.
  14. Pirates having A headache...

    Well companies whose products deal in platform/format and rely on market share sure do. Microsoft has always made Windows 'easy' to obtain; it ensures their continued dominance. In the Win98 days it was all about getting out there and getting people locked in, so they made it as easy as possible with token security etc. Arguably they still do. Format wars welcome piracy, after all, if my propietary format optical disk player has more pirated stuff available for it than your propietary format, who's going to buy yours?
  15. Pirates having A headache...

    Well its an arbitrary statistic, I just made it up. The main point was that such statistics and projections for 'lost revenue' are equally arbitrary and unrealistic. As the vast majority of pirates are habitually so and don't have money to spend: evidenced by the comments on that TPB torrent. They are usually kids or young adults with no disposable income and/or no regard. How many of these 'lost sales' were because the person didn't buy it - or because the person downloaded a non crippled version and decided it was utter crap and wouldnt have been worth the £30 anyway? More and more people are becoming more and more jaded by **** product and won't just punt blindly like they did ten years ago. The internet has a lot to answer for both ways tho, I mean if the capacity to distribute patches and ship broken buggy betas to the consumer and 'fix it later' wasn't there (like the old days when it had to be finished before release or else it would tank and you'd go bankrupt) would it even be the case that companies like SI would get away with the same rubbish every year? No way. They'd go under. So it cuts both ways. While big companies may bleat about lost sales and proliferation of images etc. they do themselves no favours. The reason the corporate nobs are panicking with the DRM is because they took a look at the musak industry; how copying used to be something everyone did to preserve the original media and was no big deal. Suddenly it became a business and went 'mainstream' in that as more and more people became tech literate it was the standard method of aquiring the product rather than paying for it. In other words: the corporate world and psychotic capitalism got ripped off by psychotic capitalists. Not ordinary consumers. So, ignorant or not wanting to admit this, the mega corporations, Apple being a good example, are in the business of selling lifestyle but utterly and ruthlessly repress socialising or social sharing. They don't just view it as lost revenue, they see it as libertine and something to be utterly destroyed and repressed as far as possible because they have this big capitalist psychosis mentality that ordinary people don't share or don't understand. Uber ruthless capitalism is diometrically opposed to liberal democracy .. as we see all around us in the news. Basically their view is that people can't be trusted with free will and choice, they must be forced to choose your ideaology (fascism basically). This used to be the case with advertising and what have you until people got wind of the fact cigarettes werent good for you and GM/Ford didn't really care about safety and Microsoft didnt really care about innovation etc. In reality of course the vast majority of people are honest or believe in fairness. The world of big enterprise either doesn't care, resents that or actively wants to make us all cynical. American capitalism for example is cultural almost: anyone who doesnt want to profit above all else is a socialist and dangerous.Those it can't convert it will prosecute and demonise; much like the Catholic church and other organised religion centered around a dogmatic creed. Although I maintain that what promotes piracy above all else is excessive profiterring (remember when a CD album was £18? In 1998 that was a lot of money) and a disregard for the consumer: see in game advertising and lazy DRM implentations. They are basically a victim of their own greed and paranoia. Its no coincidence that companies like Bethesda have gone with no real DRM on their titles and still make hundreds of millions without breaking a sweat and indie games that sell for $10 for a license appear to be thriving. I also think coincidentally or not, more and more people are associating the lock down on consumer/entertainment products with the political lock down on civil liberties and ever invasive corporate enterprise on our day to day lives and really, really don't like what they see the future being. Many otherwise 'casual users' are now getting upset and vocal and resent it and do their level best either actively subvert it, or simply not participate. That is why more and more people are getting more and more angry on public forums like these ..