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  1. Good to know, thanks. Will play around with the game for a bit today & see where I get to.
  2. Thanks for the reply, may still give it a try, ease back into the game.
  3. Been away from the game for many years, talking at least 5 I think & lockdown has got me looking back into stuff I used to play. Have to say that dropping back in here has certainly got me considering getting back into FM, inspired by great updates here I was thinking about having a crack at this challenge - was one I never managed to get through back in the day. Due to the huge amount of time I've been away from the game I was going to come back on a lighter version of things via FM Touch - does that allow for holidaying through the first season to get new teams? And does the challenge itself allow for playing on Touch rather than the full game?
  4. Without jinxing myself, we seem to have started winning games. Got a bit of streak running at one point but then started to draw games again. Just have to keep my fingers crossed my couple of injuries don't get any worse as we're short on squad depth to cover. Stil, we're doing well so far. Sitting 2nd in the conference behind - New York. The rivalry is already building.
  5. It's been tough so far, can't lie about that. We're struggling to hold onto a lead. Not sure of my exact record off the top of my head, but we've got a couple of wins but have stupidly thrown away some games. Our media prediction of 2nd isn't going to be easy to achieve. I hate to say it but, I think I may have to offload one or both of my DPs - £9k of the salary cap on two players, could be spent on 4 or 5 squad players to help us overall. Even with putting what remained of my allocation funds into our wages, I've struggled to put a squad of 23 players together & at least 6 of them are DCs!
  6. @louissiscool Well done on the promotion, always good to go up straight away. Don't worry about the name edit on your save, as Jintro said, it's a cosmetic thing & doesn't have any direct effect on the actualy database.
  7. Yes and no, the better starting point for the league is obviously an advantage but then you've got the complexity of the league rules for the drafting & salary cap. I nearly fell foul of the salary cap myself, would have ended up with 15 players on the roster & maxed out weekly salary amount. Having two DPs might been seen as an advantage but the £4.5k a week of salary they take up could be used on a number of squad players with potential instead. brettney1980 - Good luck in Orlando.
  8. After the suggestion from rancer, what better way to kick things off than a trip to the big apple? Team Info - Manager Profile - Squad 1 - Squad 2 With a predicted finish of 2nd, the pressure will be on to hit the ground running, so I'll be looking to Villa & Lampard to take responsibility for that. louissiscool - Good luck.
  9. Thanks, hopefully some people will look to take it on. Personally, I'm struggling to get things right with a new save so haven't fully committed to an attempt yet. To be honest, I forgot all about the new teams coming into the league after the holiday season. I would say that along with side that finished bottom of the league, one of the expansion sides would also be eligible for the challenge. That's actually got me interested in heading back to the MLS, been a while.
  10. If that's right, small nations in Asia have just become a whole lot more interesting. Will add India back onto my list of games to play.
  11. A Guide to the Americas Challenge This challenge is a great chance to try something different away from the more popular European leagues but the different formats used by the various leagues can be a bit daunting so here is a quick overview of the leagues and continental competitions in the game that will hopefully make things a bit clearer: Domestic Leagues Argentina - Brazil - Chile - There are two divisions in the game, which break down as follows: First Division B - Consists of 14 teams. You play an Opening and Closing Stage, each Stage you play 19 games. You play all teams once in the league you also play 6 teams local to you to make up the 19 games. The winner of each stage enters a Promotion play off along with the two teams who finish highest in the overall league out of those already not qualified. The lowest in the overall league gets relegated First Division - Consists of 17teams you play again in two stages and play each team once. The bottom four go down into the First Division B. Each winner of each stage go into the end of season playoff along with the teams who finish highest in the overall league. This decides who enters continental places. Chilean Cup - Every team enters you enter an initial 4 team group and the winners of this enter the second round which becomes straight knockout over two legs all the way to the final. Chilean Super Cup - Match between the Chile Cup winners and the overall winners of the First Division Colombia - Peru - Just the one division in Peru which works out as follows:- Peruvian First Division - 16 teams play each other twice (30 games). The league is then split into two groups, teams in the odd numbered places in one group & the even numbered places in another group. These teams then play each twice more (14 games) for a total of 44 league games. The top team from each group then plays a two legged playoff to crown the champions. The two teams at the bottom of the overall league table are relegated. There is not cup competition. Uruguay - There are two divisions in the game, which break down as follows: Uruguayan Second Professional League - 14 teams play each other twice (26 games). The top two sides are promoted automatically, while places 3-10 enter a play-off for the final promotion spot. The team in 14th place goes down and one team from the unplayable Second Amateur League comes up. Uruguayan First Division - 16 teams play each other in separate opening and closing stages (15 games each). The two stage winners then play each other in a two-legged play-off (this is not played if the same team wins both stages) for the right to play the top side from the combined table in a championship play-off (again, this match is not played if the same team has won both stages). Relegation is decided on 'accumulative points', with the three teams with the lowest points totals over the last two seasons going down. There is no domestic cup. Mexico - U.S.A. - Continental Competitions Copa Libertadores - The big one for South American teams (with a few Meixcan sides thrown in). It consists of preliminary rounds, a group stage, and three knockout rounds before a two-legged final. The winner qualifies for the Club World Cup (unless that happens to be a Mexican side, in which case the losing finalist goes through) as well as the Recopa. Copa Sudamericana - Often billed as the equivalent of the Europa League but there are a couple of key differences. First of all, there is no group stage. This is two-legged knockout football all the way. Secondly, some nations allow the same teams to enter this cup and the Copa Libertadores in the same season (the competitions do not run concurrently, making this possible). The winner qualifies for the Recopa. Recopa - simply a two-legged Super Cup match between the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana winners. NACL - The North American Champions League (or CONCACAF Champions League in real life) is for North and Central Ameircan club sides, and Caribbean teams as well. Qualifying rounds are followed by a group stage and two-legged knockout rounds before a two-legged final, the winner of which goes to the Club World Cup. Club World Cup - The last stage of the challenge. If you play as a South American side, you get to go straight into the semi-finals. NACL winners have one extra match to play before they try to show their worth against the best Europe (usually) has to offer. Approved Custom Leagues These will be added as and when they become available A History of the Challenge This challenge has been around in various forms since FM08. Here are links to the previous incarnations and a Hall of Fame of all of those who have completed it: iseemonsters' FM08 Small club to big club South American challenge - the original incarnaiton of the challenge saw the first completion as MacTavish won the Lİbertadores (Club World Cup was not a requirement then) with Uruguayan side Club Oreintal de Futbol Razer82’s FM09 Small Club From A South American Nation Adventure Challenge - the year Razer took over was the most popular year of the challenge to date as the thread hit 10 pages! There were also three completions as dafuge reached the top with Brazlandia in er... Brazil, DodgeeD swept all before him on both contients with Mexican side Estudiantes Santander, and daemonic also did the business with Sociedade Esportiva Ypiranga Futebol Clube also in Brazil. Razer82's FM10 Small Club to Big Club Americas Challenge Razer82's FM11 Small Club To Big Club Americas Challenge Razer82's FM12 Small Club to Big Club Americas Challenge Razer82's FM13 Small Club to Big Club Americas Challenge FM14 Small Club to Big Club Americas Challenge... brought to you by Razer82 & DodeeD If any players would like to do a little write up for any of the missing leagues, please feel free.
  12. That will teach me to copy & paste! Forgot to change the year in the title. If a mod could change that for me, that would be great.
  13. The Aim To take a previously unplayable team from the lower leagues of a nation from the Americas to their domestic title, the Copa Libertadores or NACL and then onto the Club World Cup**! These do not have to be won in the same season. *NOTE: The Club World Cup has been added to the challenge in order to bring the USA in as a playable nation. A game with just winning the NACL could be over rather quickly with a side from the MLS so an extra degree of difficulty has been added for longevity. The Setup Leagues that can be used - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico*, Peru, Uruguay, USA *NOTE: Mexican teams are invited to compete in the Copa Libertadores. However, they must win the NACL as part of the challenge. With changes being made to the editor to allow for opening/closing stages (used by a lot of South and Central American leagues), user-created leagues will be allowed. We will add links to those leagues as and when they are created. Please only use the leagues that are linked to here. If you create/find an additional league that you would like to be included in the challenge, post it here so Razer82 and DodgeeD can check it and approve it. Reputations of Leagues eligible for this challenge - To be updated for FM15. Argentina 130 Brazil 150 Chile 112 Colombia 108 Mexico 130 Peru 98 Uruguay 103 USA 116 Getting Started Load all the available division within the nation you select. You may also load other North/South American leagues. This will ensure that the other nations are more competitive as they produce more newgens who regularly play. You must select the start date for the league you intend to play in, however. A Large database should be selected (although you are free to use other database sizes if you wish to) 'Disable Player Attribute Masking' must not be selected. You can load all players from the nation that you have selected to manage in and you may also select the option to load players from any other naitons you have selected as well as the Top Clubs in the continent. The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn’t make any difference. Add yourself as an unemployed Manager, the details of which are unimportant. Then go on holiday until the new seasons teams are generated, see below for actual dates, and select one of the newly promoted teams. League Reset Dates - Please note these are based on previous versions and will be updated as necessary (if you find that one is not correct, please let us know and we'll update the list). Also, it is a good idea to stop holidaying and save your game one day before these reset dates. That way, if the teams that come up don't take your fancy, you can easily reload your save and see if any different teams are promoted. Argentina - 15th July Brazil - 2nd January Chile - 25th June Colombia - 10th January Mexico - 10th June Peru - 1st January* Uruguay - 1st July USA - 27th December Confirmed for FM15 Then retire your original manager profile. Add a new manager with the experience set to ‘Sunday League Footballer’, with coaching badges set to 'None'. The distribution of the attributes is entirely up to you. Take over one of the clubs newly promoted into the lowest division within your selected nation. If you are unsure about which clubs have been promoted then go to the season summary screen and choose one of the teams promoted from the lowest (unplayable) division. It is now up to you to manage the club to their domestic title, the Copa Libertadores or NACL and then onto the Club World Cup. You are not permitted to move between clubs unless you are sacked; If you are sacked, you can either take over at another club the meet the original challenge criteria or just quit the current save and start again. If you have loaded more than one naiton, you may switch naitons at this point. Any form of international management is not allowed until the challenge has been completed. There are no restrictions on assigning feeder / parent clubs. Scouting Guidelines You can only sign players that you are able to scout or trial at the club first, so in short the player must have the 'Get scout report' button on his profile screen. The one exception to this is when you ask a current squad/staff member to recommend a new signing or recieve an agent offer. It is then ok to sign him as the person who recommended him knows of him anyway. No external utilities should be used and the database should be un-edited (excepting approved additional leagues). Should SI release a data update, this would be allowed. It is advised that people should update using the latest patches as they are released. Rules for this Thread Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) Discussion on tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) Screenshots for anything are encouraged. When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the date you take control at your new club so we can see your reputation is 'sunday League' or 'Automatic'. Progress of your club should be documented using this thread. We want to hear the story of your club all the way through (success and failure), so please keep us updated, even if you are doing really badly. At the end of every season, could everyone post some kind of season review, including the minimum of a screenshot of the league table (including opening/closing and/or average points tables if your league follows these formats). Screenshots of progress in cups (results or victory in the final) are optional. Progress in continental competitions should be shown (group tables, results, key match overviews, etc). Any other screenshots you wish to add (key players, transfer history, mews items, youth prospects) are up to you but encouraged to give us a fuller picture. If you give this a title in bold and include your team's logo, it makes it a bit easier for others to pick out. How to Post a Screenshot 1. While in FM, press ALT + F9. 2. This should save a screenshot in the following folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2014/ Screenshots 3. Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack 4. Post the direct Url to the image here. Good luck to everyone taking part this year.
  14. I'll see what I can do about getting something up for FM15, possibly tonight. Will have to check how the other challenges are dealing with the changes to manager setups first. I rememebr you being around for the older challenges so would be good to have you around for a new version.
  15. Always nice to see the return of the World Cup Challenge, tends to pop up every year. May have to dust off some league edits & have a crack. Did manage it a couple of versions back with Belarus & it was one of my most enjoyable FM saves. Tony Hawker - You've made an excellent start to things. Hopefully you can keep the form up when it comes to World Cup qualifying.
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