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  1. im sure they do a "teampack" request over at sortitoutsi,but i think you have to do a fair amount of the research yourself in able for them to make them.Good luck.
  2. Yes Gizmo that is correct.Just download the "complete pack" and thats all you need to do.If any further updates come out that are relevant to the megapack,then they just get dropped into the "complete pack" that you first downloaded. Hope this helps.
  3. Hmm,that sounds interesting maybe a possible challenge awaiting for FM16 there
  4. Where are Vaduz based? Never even heard of them personally.
  5. Thanks,Just wasnt really sure exactly hpw to put it into a question in general,Guess thats good enough-Thanks.
  6. So im finally getting a new lappy for the imminent release of FM16 and here it is - http://us.toshiba.com/computers/laptops/satellite/L70/L75D-A7283 Couple of quick questions i have though for the tech wizards in and around here. 1.How many leagues/nations would i be able to load up to play comfortably thus causing not too much slowness. 2.What would be an ideal setup in terms of what specific countries to play in. 3.What do you think of this computer in general? Decent enough specification? Thanks for the advice here guys.
  7. I have 161,563 images,so yeh that wouuld be about correct then.Thanks again buddy
  8. Mons,what should be the exact player count with the latest update(s) m8? sorry for interrupting thread by the way :/
  9. Edd,may i share this on my Football Manager page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/PimpmyFM/?ref=bookmarks
  10. From what ive read so far i might give it a go,see how it pans out,yet to decide though.
  11. Is it a similar kind of structure in the aussie "A" league to the MLS?
  12. Hi guys, Couple of quick questions i have for you guys out there,If you were to load up a brand new "MLS save" what nations and leagues would you load up and why? And secondly,how does the transfer system work over there? Im led to believe its rather complicated. Thanks for the input lads.
  13. i also think players morale in general has a lot to do with it,from what ive noticed anyway in previous save(s).The better the morale of the players seems a major fact in how the team plays as a whole,so hopefully more happy players= Better results.As as well a tactic that is doin ok for you obviously.
  14. So we have done it,a dramatic penalty shoot-out with a 4-2 victory!!! We get our big day out at Hampden!!!
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