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  1. I'm not against Dynamic reputation and League expansions as long as there would be an option to turn them off.
  2. There's a major loophole being exploited by human GM's in online leagues and the AI in solo games. You can use either the "release player" or the "negotiate contract buyout" options and pay the player a compensation with no Cap Penalty at all. Ideally this release player option shouldn't be available for NHL teams, there aren't cases in EHM like Mike Richards' in real life AFAIK. It should be only the buyout option instead. With this buyout option (called "negotiate buyout contract" in game) teams should get a Cap Penalty depending on the player cap hit. There are available sources on the web about it, I know it's a bit complicated but maybe implementing simplified rules is enough to prevent teams of not getting the correct cap penalties when buying out players (Important issue needing a fix: Teams shouldn't have to negotiate the buyout with players unless they're injured). Thanks in advance, Riz
  3. The player accepting the qualifying offer would be better than the team losing his rights. Ideally, the AI teams should be capable of deciding what's better for them: extending the qualifying offer, trading his rights before June 30th or just let the player become an UFA, but I didn't mention it because I don't know if it would too complicated for the AI or too hard to code. But Kreider shouldn't be a Depth player in this case.
  4. I simmed the first season until June 30th and the Rangers (CPU) haven't made a qualifying offer to Kreider yet, decided to add myself as Rangers GM and as BKarchitect said, I noticed that the board didn't allow me offer him more than 1.689M (he has a "Depth" player status). If I list him as "Core" player then I can offer him up to 7.069M. A qualifying offer of at least 2.475M is needed to retain his rights, so I guess kreider usually becomes an UFA because as a "Depth" player the board doesn't allow to make a better offer than 1.689M (probably this also happens to the other RFA players who didn't get a qualifying offer). I think teams should make the qualifying offer regardless of player status so they don't lose them to UFA. Another thing this made me wonder is if the players status/evaluation is correct, Kreider played in the 2nd line with good points production (47 points in 69 games) and his status is just a "Depth" player. Sorry for my English.
  5. Did this get fixed? The number of penalties/powerplays is so unrealistic.
  6. Hey Riz, any words about this? I didn't see any fix in the changelist
  7. Is it how it works in real life? Anyway, I tried again sending down Lecavalier but at the opening day of the season and it shows his cap hit reduced to 3.55m but the Averaged Club Salary went down by 3.79m instead of 950k (from 68.69 to 64.9) so i think the Salary cap calculation isn't right.
  8. Any word about this? Teams are taking too many penalties which leads to all those powerplays, it would be great if this gets fixed.
  9. Something is definitely wrong here, using the latest TBL 8.1 rosters, playing as Flyers I tested sending down Lecavalier to the AHL and after he clears waivers it shows correctly his cap hit reduced to 3.55m (from 4.5m), but the Averaged Club Salary only went down to 63.955m from 64.475m. I'm not in offseason, BTW.
  10. If I recall correctly, 3 on 3 OT is in the game.
  11. Playing in the NHL, ALL the 30 teams are getting 300+ powerplays per season, the top 5 got 400+ PP, while in real life no team gets even 300 PP since 2/3 seasons ago. Also, some issues people have noticed about the overtime: -Too many Overtime games end in Shootout -Not enough shots during Overtime.
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