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  1. Hi, I’m thinking trying to do pentagon challenge but for that I would like to add Egypt and Marocco to Africa and in Asia Japan So is anyone doing those countries? I don’t mind if there is only the premier division of those countries I know there is one Japan db but it’s just the league format
  2. Hi, I'm playing with Real Madrid and I got new item that we have buy back clause for Sergio Reguilon but when I offer the amount(€44M) Tottenham keep rejecting the offer.
  3. Hi, Game doesn't show dribbles made, dribbles made per game right and it doesn't show at all tackle attempts but it does show how many tackles are won.
  4. Hi @Francis Mooneysadly I don't have save from there but now I maybe remember in future if I encounter more bugs.
  5. There is wrong manager name in this new item. I'm not manager of Osasuna. Jagoba Arraseta is Osasuna manger
  6. I've had vertical tiki taka tactic style in use with 5-2-1-2 formation and now when I make new tactic with fluid counter attack style and use same formation it shows in screen that it's vertical tiki taka style not fluid counter attack and instructions are for vertical tiki taka style. It works normally when using different formation so it's somehow tied to formation. When I change preset from tactical style widget it works but not when I try use tactic creator.
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