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  1. Okay for me that was one time problem as I'm doing pentagon challenge but I might let SI know about that
  2. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that when Japan team gets into AFC final it can make the team play in international break in league. Idk can you do it something for stop that happening. It isn't big thing but still Oh and year is 2024 Anyway thanks for the good db for Japan
  3. Third time charm... Everything works now Ps. not 100% sure that I did download in game folder and not in data folder in first tries
  4. In main folder like in your post I also did try that editor data folder and then I deleted that file... When I did delete that skin file it only got more problems for me and now mine game wont load main menu anymore so I will install that file again in main folder and try it again and hope that fixes loading up thing and club overview.
  5. That didn't work for me at least and I did it everything twice just to be sure. Am I only one?
  6. Oh okay. Then I need to wait for this as I want Japan be playable when I try to do pentagon.
  7. Hi. Am I being stupid or what?... I did load that players.fmf file you've in first post and put it into editor data like other league databases and it does show when I go start new career and so I can select your db but I can't select Japan as a country. Is there other file to download that I missed or is't at the wrong place when I put it in editor data folder?
  8. Hi, I’m thinking trying to do pentagon challenge but for that I would like to add Egypt and Marocco to Africa and in Asia Japan So is anyone doing those countries? I don’t mind if there is only the premier division of those countries I know there is one Japan db but it’s just the league format
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