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  1. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Thanks! Have edited....
  2. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford Town (Middx) Season Three 2012/13 League Two - Champions! We've done it, three titles in three seasons and its an amazing achievement. We took to the challenge of League Two really well and had another impressive season. Once we hit top spot we never looked back. It all started back in the summer as the club turned professional. As a result the squad needed a revamp with better quality players coming in to give us a chance to achieve what the club had asked for "attempt to avoid relegation". Arsenal became my parent club and it took just three loanee's to make a difference this season. Hoyte, Macaluso and Galindo came in and did a great job. We started off the season in style. That result showed that we had what it takes to build on that performance and aim for the playoff's but we kicked on from there. We won promotion with 4 games to go and won the League on the last day of the season with a win away and we were confirmed as Champions. My Squad (according to my ass man) needs a complete overhaul with three or four staying but will try and bring in a new ass man with a higher reputation to see how many players I need to get rid of come June 25th. My Finances are not looking too good so stadium revamp is out of the question. We did receive a payout for winning the league but as normal, i set my player bonuses to high to give my players motivation to win the league and the end of season payout is what put me in the red. I did also receive two job offers this season and turned them down. For now though, here are my Champions for the third season running! Roll on League One! GK: Fairley / Jesionkowski DR: Hoyte / Pipe DL: Bender / Rose DC: McArdle / McNulty DC: Meace DMC: Meyler / Alarcon MC: Leven / Macaluso MC: Folly / Santonocito AMC: Galindo / (Santonocito) FC: Nardiello / Revell FC: Sheriden / McAusland Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions, FA Trophy Winners! 2012/13 League Two 1st Champions
  3. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford Town(Middx) Season Two 2011/12 Blue Square Premier After a great season last season I was hoping to try and make the playoff's in the coming season in the BSP. What happened this season was just amazing as I went one better than on my last attempt and achieved a League and Cup Double! I never felt the need to make major changes to the squad. Alot more people were shown the door than came into the club and proved the correct decision. My tactic once more never changed at all in the season and to be fair to Rushden they pushed us all the way till the end of the season with a fantastic points tally themselves, but we were champions!. Our form was a little ropey to say the least in the first half of the season but the final 18 games of the season saw me through as we went 20 games unbeaten including the FA Trophy final as we demolished York. Here are my finances and squad screen.. Here are the players who won a historic double! GK: Fairley / Mannone DR: Hunter / Picken DL: Rose / Toshney DC: McArdle / Gallacher DC: Meace DMC: Folly / Bartley MC: Crawford / Main MC: Santonocito AMC: Keatings FC: McAusland / Revell FC: Nardiello / Sheridan Roll on the new season.. Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions, FA Trophy Winners!
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Hi all! Remember this happened after I managed to finish 6th in the Premier League in my first season and qualify for Europe!? Originally Posted by [b]ChelseaDaft[/b] [url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=5343336#post5343336"][img=http://community.sigames.com/images/fm2009/buttons/viewpost.gif][/url] [i][b][size=3]OH NO!!![/size][/b][/i] [i]People I have messed up my challenge !!!!!!!!![/i] [i]Basically I can't continue as I do not have 4 players trained by the club for four seasons between the ages of 15-21 to be registered for the EUROPA Cup... [/i] [i]I did not have any youth set up until this summer when I thought i could build one from there...[/i] [i]As a result I cannot carry on![/i] [i]What an idiot! [/i] [i]Going to have to start all over again!! GUTTED![/i] Well after looking at the advice you guys gave me (thank you by the way) I felt in my heart of hearts that to holiday past the problem would be wrong or cheating maybe. Thats just how I feel about it. So decided I need to do this properly. So started again. I have had two amazing seasons! Here is the first! CHELSEADAFT ASHFORD TOWN (MIDDX) SEASON ONE 2010/11 BLUE SQUARE SOUTH - As usual at the start of this challenge its all about getting rid of the deadwood, people that just will not feature in your side and trying to get hold of freebies as much as you can to have a chance of promotion. These are my transfers for the first season. The same usual faces that alot of you have bought into your sides yourselves. After the success I had in my last attempt I decided to stick with my tried and trusted 4-1-2-1-2 formation. Very Rigid, Attacking Mentality, Very Disciplined and More direct passing. I change the passing style of the side to be played more through the middle and change my two full backs to defensive from automatic. The only in game changes I make are my strikers and their individual roles to suit whoever is playing. We took eight games to get our act together but when we hit top spot after the eight games we never looked back and won the league easily. Alot easier than I remember the first time. The table proves how dominant we were. (Here are my personal and profile screens for the beginning of the challenge by the way before I forget) Here is my squad screen. Here are the individual views of my players this season: GK: Fairley / Murphy DR: Hunter / Jenkinson DL: Toshney / Wynter DC: Gallacher / Saville DC: Simpemba / Tang DMC: D'Laryea (Simpemba if needed) MC: Main / Solkhon MC: Crawford / McGuire AMC: Keatings / Cox FC: McAusland / McCormick FC: McShea Here are my finances... So for next season I was looking to build on this seasons Title! Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions!
  5. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    I don't want to go on holiday for a day as to me thats cheating the game abit and don't feel happy doing that. Also I tried to use the U18's i had but have only had them for this season as got rid of everyone else in the previous 9 seasons as didn't have a youth coach. There is no way around this. I am starting again!
  6. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    OH NO!!! People I have messed up my challenge !!!!!!!!! Basically I can't continue as I do not have 4 players trained by the club for four seasons between the ages of 15-21 to be registered for the EUROPA Cup... I did not have any youth set up until this summer when I thought i could build one from there... As a result I cannot carry on! What an idiot! Going to have to start all over again!! GUTTED!
  7. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford Town (Middx) Season 9 2018/19 - Premier League. I couldn't wait to get started in the Premier League. With the TV money coming in and also the news of my new wage/transfer budget from the board I knew we could achieve our aim of avoiding relegation. So again, I set about clearing out the deadwood and utlising the Loan Markets. In addition to players I kept in my squad from last season such as, Beorlegui, Boyd, Corderoy and Wale with loaned out as not quite good enough Henderson, here are the season's transfers. In came Michael Essien to play the holding role on a free transfer. I paid £3m for Geraint Goodwin from Man Utd to increase my firepower up front as he had been on loan previously with me for a couple of seasons. Ciaran Clark and Mohammed Issa came in to the club costing me £8.1m in total but would sure up my backline. ( I also turned down an £8m bid from Chelsea for Issa in the Jan window). Kostadin Stoyanov came into the club and can play anywhere along the backline for a fee of £2.2m (in the beginning turned out to be a snip but last third of the season his form dropped) along with Williamson and Sueiro a young starlet from Barcelona on loans. I decided to spend money on new GK's and brought in Larsen for £1.2m who then missed the majority of the season after doing in his cruciate ligaments and also Ruben on loan from Liverpool. In Midfield added to Michael Essien was the experienced Deegan for £1.4m from Coventry, Diallo £1.4m from Nantes, Deul £1m from Willem II, Kanda and then Brown on Loan. Including Loan Fee's I had spent £21.5m on new players and had recouped £9.25m on the deadwood including a record £1.6m for Alex Edwards. We made a good start to the season, everyone gelled earlier than expected and we were 4th after 4 games and 3rd after 7. Our performances and results then varied until we sat top of the league after 17 games. We were playing well against the big sides. This was a stand out result leading up till Christmas. We were beating the mid-table sides and the lower rep Prem sides and I then believed that we could maybe push on for a top-half finish. With the staduim selling out our 13,270 tickets for every home game for the second season running after it had been built I was hoping that something would happen, for the board to invest and expand the stadium. With the transfer window approaching and looking to wheel-and-deak some more I received this message followed by this one. I was screwed and knew I had to strengthen but my hands were tied. It wasn't until the beginning of March I then received confirmation the takeover had been completed. So I missed out on doing any business at all in Jan. Luckily enough up to that point we were still doing well. We were drawn away to Liverpool in the FA CUP 3rd round and forced a draw and brought them back to the Ashford Stadium and produced our best display of the season to hammer them! The cup run didn't last though and we lost two rounds later to Sheff Utd. Our League form maintained itself really as I always make three changes to my side on 60 mins to keep important positions in my tactic fresh and after Christmas we were never any lower than seventh in the league. We stablised our position in 6th place in the Premier League in the last 6 games of the season and we had done it, we had Qualified for the EURO Cup next season! Little-old Ashford (Middx) !!. Here is the squad screen. With finishing 6th we also were awarded some much needed prize money as you will see on my finances screen after the monies were received. (I just realised I have loaded through a new season and never took the table screenie at the end of the season, if you check my prize money screen you will see confirmation I finished 6th so sorry about that). I then received the following two messages about a Staduim Expansion (at last) and also training facilities being done. So well pleased with our performances this season and to finish in 6th with the Europa League next season is amazing, then again, this whole journey has been up till now! Roll on next season (I'm off to get my passport! ) Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Lost in Playoff Semis 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions! 2013/14 League Two 10th None 2014/15 League Two 1st Champions! 2015/16 League One 2nd Promoted 2016/17 Championship 12th None 2017/18 Championship 2nd Promoted 2018/19 Premier League 6th Euro Cup Qualification.
  8. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford Town (Middx) Season 8 2017/18 The Championship - Promotion!!! Well after a season of stability we have done it! We are in the Premier League after just 8 seasons and am well pleased. We have made fantastic progress and had to do it this season by starting out once more with our 2550 seat staduim as we had to wait for our new one to be finished. We got the news in early September it was ready and the move was completed. We now have a 13270 all-seat staduim. What was good for me this pre-season was the news that the board had doubled my wage budget to £24,000 per week and given me some money to spend. The was because of the money we received for TV rights and also we received 3 more parachute payments of £400k which really helped the finances. I knew that once the staduim was done and we moved into that we would be making loads of money so utilised the money I had along with the loan markets all season loan. Two transfers of note were to bring in a better goalkeeper (degan) who was rubbish and began moaning when he wasn't starting games so luckily enough sold him for a £400k profit and the other was ex-Chelsea Connor Clifford. The hardworking midfielder became my club captain and set the tone for the side at the beginning of the season. When Blackburn came knocking with a bid of £1.5m, knowing it could go into my wage budget for next season I decided to sell. We started off ok-ish. Winning games and then losing a few. I was switching between a standard, counter and attacking mentality from the start and that's what cost me defeats. Once I reverted to the original attacking mentality we were flying. Better quality defenders came into the squad on loan, midfielders too and bolstered my forward line with pace and power up front. By the Jan transfer window we were just inside the playoffs so decided to bring in some more players and loans and the team went from strength to strength. We gained promotion with games to spare and went into the last games right behind Blackburn. They beat us at their place but then lost as we won away in the second to last game of the season. We were just a point behind with our last game at home and theirs away and I had hoped to nick the title right at the death, but it wasn't to be. We both won so we finished on 95 points and just one point behind Blackburn. A fantastic achievement for our side and our club. I had previously received news from the board that our training facilities are being invested in so looking forward to that for the new season. We are now selling out our home games every game now too so hopefully it won't be too long till the stadium is expanded once more. Our finances looked great too!. Now looking forward to rebuilding a squad capable of staying in the Premier League and the mega TV money you get. Let's hope I can keep our run of success going. For now this is it. I am too excited to write anymore as I need to get on with my first ever Premier League season in this challenge ever! Here are the players who have done the business for me: GK: Henderson / Berry DR: Linney / OConnor DL: Johansson / Fernando DC: Diallo / Beorlegui / Edgar DMC: Elliott / Taiwo MC: Kwarteng / Moussi AMC: Edwards / Pechart FC: Corderoy / Saul FC: Boyd / Wale Unused Loanee : Brett Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Lost in Playoff Semis 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions! 2013/14 League Two 10th None 2014/15 League Two 1st Champions! 2015/16 League One 2nd Promoted 2016/17 Championship 12th None 2017/18 Championship 2nd Promoted
  9. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford Town (Middx) Season 7 2016/17 - Championship A great achievement for us this season after a nightmare start to the campaign. With my new staduim being built and not ready for another season I had to face a season in the Championship with my 2550 Short Lane stadium and a wage budget of £14,000 per week. Some of the players promoted with me from League One wanted bigger wages than I could really afford so decided to let them go and bring in some better quality players. It took us ages to gel as a side and we struggled early on. We went 8 games without a win and sat bottom of the league as I had to field u18's in the side as at the moment I have no reserve team or youth set up (due to money) so had to use the ones that come through in the summer but as I managed to manipulate the loan market once more to bring in more quality our form picked up and the side found their way in the league. Nothing much else to report apart from the fact that with 6 games remaining we somehow found our way near the playoffs but the last month of the season killed me as I lost players through injury and we lost our momentum. Overall am well pleased we have finished 12th. Was expecting to battle against relegation so well chuffed. When finishing 12th we received the following prize money which put us in credit by exactly that amount. With the three parachute payments of £400k we received at the beginning of the season, its helped to keep us clear from debt for the time being. I then received this message from the board about the staduim!!! (Sorry people forgot to take a screenshot of the squad and finances screen) Here are the players who have helped me stabilise in the league this season. Henderson, Goodwin, Moussi, Edwards, Dickoh, Corderoy, OConnor, Bell, Diallo, Cottrell, Reid, Tawiah, Mokoena, Johansson, Pechart and Morris Luckily enough the injuries didn't affect me till the end of the season! Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Lost in Playoff Semis 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions! 2013/14 League Two 10th None 2014/15 League Two 1st Champions! 2015/16 League One 2nd Promoted 2016/17 Championship 12th None
  10. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford (Middx) Season 6 2015/16 League One - Promoted!!! Remember how I said I let all my players from the season before go after their 1 year contracts had expired and then proceeded to plough through every single Premier League, Championship and League One sides released players to build a side to stabilise in League One in my first season?. Guess what, just finished second and we are automatically promoted which is unbelieveable!!! :thup: The way I play this game is purely and simply down to trust. I utilise my Ass Man's views on all the players and scouts. Basically for every league I am in I try and get hold of "good player" or "Leading Star" or even "Good player for the League above me". This is what I did during the summer. I was faced with a difficult decision. After sealing 3 Championships in five years the board hadn't budged. My staduim (coming into this season) was still 2550 capacity and I knew my finances were always going to be a nightmare. The wage budget was still there so edited the budget and reduced the transfer budget to 0 to allow extra into my wage budget. We had just over £14,000 a week available and I had managed to bring in a couple of good signings on £875 a week. The problem i was then faced with was players who I knew could take me to the next level wanting the likes of £2900 -£1900 per week and I knew it was going to be a struggle. So these are the players I relased and brought into the club. I had good enough quality and in most positions were rated 3 stars / pushing into 4 stars and my Ass Man had said we had a good enough squad to achieve what is required of us, which was avoid relegation. I also brought into the club some loan signings. This guy was my star from Man Utd. My board didn't see the point of a parent club which is strange. This guy has lead me to promotion and there is no two ways about it. It too the side a while to pick up our form and when I brought this guy in from Chelsea for 3 months he gave us some stability in defence to build on while I continued to look for players. I had no interest in the cup competitions at all. I was hoping the board would come up trumps and invest in the club. Twice this season they put money into the club to help with the running costs. First of all £150k was put in the club and then £55k towards the end of the season. My tactic is still the same. Because of the jump up a division I changed my starting mentality to Standard but after a while i knew we were good enough to continue our attack minded mentality. Once i reverted back to the settings that have carried us this far we took off. We lost the odd game and drew the odd game here and there but once we got going and with our star man up front we were flying. So it came to the last three games of the season and we were in second and Preston were a single point behind us. We had to play away and two home games. I thought we would blow it to be honest they would pip me to automatic promotion but we won 2 and drew the other one to seal promotion! Its been my biggest achievement in this challenge through all the years I have been doing it. I am well pleased. We received this payment for finishing second. Then I realised I had offered the players a high bonus for the league and cup and that was confirmed with this message I received from the board. My finances are now in a serious state! Then to my relief I received this message finally about the stadium!. Then read it again and realised that it will only be finished another year from now so still have to play in my little old 2550 stadium in the Championship in my first season. I am hoping that someone comes and invests into the club otherwise we are in serious debt. Anyway, enough of that for now. Here are the players that have done the business for me this season!. GK Henderson / Walsh DR Neilson / Kelly DL Johansson / Barron DC Baldwin DC Lopez / Blake DMC Silva / Tudor Jones MC Brittain MC Gleeson AMC McCormack / Bostock FC Goodwin FC O'Brien / Vanaschen Roll on the Championship! Just hope the debt wont cost me my job! Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Lost in Playoff Semis 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions! 2013/14 League Two 10th None 2014/15 League Two 1st Champions! 2015/16 League One 2nd Promoted
  11. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    This is such a strugge to get staff and players of a good enough calibre . For some reason the staff/scouts I have are recommending Scouts and Coaches of a Local rep now and not regional! I have spent the last few hours or so going through every single Premier League, Championship and League One sides transfer history and offering trials to every single player ! Hope to put a squad together sooner rather than later!
  12. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Here are the three I have got so far after coming to the club on Trials. Silva, Johansson and Blake!
  13. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Too late I have decided a clear out and rebuild is in order. Have brought in three players so far who have Good player for League One reps and am looking more now. Will also utilise the loan market to the max also. My wage budget is now over £10,000 per week and have managed to get three of them on £875 per week. If I can get 10 of these kind of players and then the rest loans I could be laughing all the way to safety this season.
  14. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Its going to be hard. The new season has run through. I have no staduim expansion as am stuck with 2550. All my players are said to be of League two standard with only three of them as being Leading stars so have made the decision to release them all as their contracts have expired! Re build is the key for me!
  15. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Chelseadaft Ashford (Middx) Season five League Two 2014/15 - Champions! After our consolidation season last season, our first in the Football League the board asked me to achieve an safe mid-table position. I was happy with that and comfortable knowing I had a good enough squad with one or two changes and some loans coming in I knew we could push on for a playoff place. I never expected to win the League! To be fair our form all season has been fantastic. I made some changes to the squad and brought in some loans (long term and short term) for the up coming season. Again I kept the same formation that I have been using since the start. My 4-1-2-1-2 formation had served me well. Howver, I changed the starting mentality from Attacking to Standard and it worked wonders. Of course during games depending on how we were doing I would change to Attacking or Overload and the players responded. But it all came down to the last game of the season. I had just lost at home and Walsall had won at home to take the top spot. The last game of the season I had an easy game against a side at the bottom of the League. Walsall had to go to Carlisle who were in 3rd in the League and Carlisle did me proud, beat Walsall 3-1 and with us winning comfortably away the title was ours! It was an unexpected and unbelievable success and we are now in League one after 5 seasons. The downside to our success was that I had set the player bonuses to high in the League and Cup competitions and once we had won the League i received this message which has screwed our finances! With my coaches and ass man telling me the players below are League 2 standard it will be a really really busy time for me as I look to rebuild to try and consolidate once again in League one for a season and then push on the season after. Here are the players in the squad who have done the business for me once more! GK Nielsen DL Sheehan DR Alcock DC Abraham DC Twardzik DMC Colley MC Howell MC Stephens AMC Ognyanov FC Corderoy FC Bunting Rotational players who played their part too! Chandler, N Manchev, Payano, Buxton, L Manchev, Kohlert, There were some other signings on Loan that I haven't featured as they played a game and got injured! So didn't really make any impact on the squad. Roll on League One! Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 1st Champions! 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Lost in Playoff Semis 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions! 2013/14 League Two 10th None 2014/15 League Two 1st Champions!