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  1. I have just bought a Laptop and decided to try and install FM09. On my main PC no issues This lap top is a nightmare. When I get to the activation I put the code in and I get this certificate nonsense cannot connect to internet, however I have explorer 8 and none of the things happen that occur in the suggested fix. When I click on link (https://fm2009.sa01.softanchorinsight.com/) all i get is a screen asking me to sign into softanchor, but I have no username or password, I've tried deleting old certificates. I've installed and uninstalled about 5 times, I've even tried stream and get same issue. Any thoughts Thanks
  2. I find countering with time wasting, counter attacking formation and fast tempo seems to work, when you rember to do it, now when getting near 80 mins, I switch to formation view to see when the go 4-2-4, then I swich to my tatics to counter the 4-2-4. It works a high percentage of the time, but not against Arsenal we had a goal fest 6-4 to them, 2 coming in last 2 mins, I went beserk. Previous to my game they had only conceede three goals.
  3. Sorry have you ever been to Blyth is a tip, once votes worst town in Britan that said they are trying to tart is up. Love to have a holiday at Sandybay Caravan Park, the view is stunning. I do hope they beat Blackburn though. Howay the lads
  4. I struggle with playing in Europe. I do well domestically won league, FA cup, but in Europe I always struggle when it comes to the knockout stages, i.e. I always go out early on. I tend to do ok in group stages but not in knock outs. I understand the team quality improves, but my team is a good team. I dread Real Madrid. Is there a specific way to deal with European nights or do people find their domestic tactics work OK. Thanks
  5. No, recently started a new job and its not what I'd hoped fot at all. I hate it!! I'm bored the people are rude, its just not what it said on the tin. Updating CV soon I think. I wonder if i can sue for false advertising. I am a charted chemical engineer and I am doing a job a 16 yrs old YTS could do. Livid!! Fm09 is OK too but I am not having as much fun as i used to, it is not the game, I think pehaps I am getting to old or just bored I have been playing this game in its various guised since about 1994. Going to drown my sorrows tonight.