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  1. He has good motivating skills and tactical knowledge is decent (if not particularly remarkable), so maybe offer him one of the underage teams at the national level.
  2. I think BennyLava is suggesting that maybe your (in-game) wife had an affair with another man, without telling you; hence he got your surname but he may not be your son.
  3. Mental attributes are getting quite good... with Influence of 16, you might want to consider making him vice-captain sometime, with a view to the captaincy. Nepotism maybe, but...
  4. Something that I probably suggested in the past is the idea of having press conferences after certain matches, certainly the ones that are shown on TV. I know that often in your inbox you get a question saying that [x] has been in good form, so what do you think - followed by five options saying roughly that he's the first name on the team sheet, that you hope he can maintain his performance etc. But that's fairly uninteractive - it'd be nice to have the option of having genuine press conferences where the press can ask about specific players' form, your thoughts about challenging for the title, your recent run of form, unhappy players etc., instead of having various questions placed into your inbox at seemingly random times.
  5. Perhaps being able to accuse other sides of deliberately trying to injure your players - I manage Arsenal and England (some might say that's an irony), and when I was managing in one international I had, in the course of the match, three strikers injured, all of whom were good penalty takers. Guess what? The match came down to spot kicks, and my penalty-takers had penalty-taking attributes starting at 12 and ending at 5.
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