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  1. Hello I have question is Europa Conference League will be added to Football Manager 2020? or is too late to add them and will add in Football Manager 2021?
  2. So dont say me what will be unrealistic and what will be realistic in game I just say that will be nice option Football Manager start much open now for all ideas. I remember few years ago when was big chat about famele persons in game why! for what! and IS put that in game and is any problem? i dont think so in about choice to be real manager will be also nice for some people.
  3. Hello i know is maybe not needed topic but i Know all want that FM be very realism so i dont understand one point in FM in Transfers for example you buy Player from Spain and you play in England and you buy him 15 January but is 10 o'clock in the Morning and match is 14.00 the same day and what? he can play! what is little not realistic... Look on Deadline Day in England when they play match in the same day when was last transfer day and even they buy player in the same day then cant play in game in afternoon but in FM that is Possible. Something must be change for example when you buy player you need time when he come to club not that he is immediately in club.
  4. Stop dont say me about realism in game because this is only game will be never 100% realism how can be when you buy player and after buy he is immediately in the club I buy one Player from Brazil 15 January and i have Match in 15 January but i buy him 8 o'clock in the morning and game was 18:00 so and he can play in this game! and you say me about realism?
  5. ok So SI can do something that people will be have choice beetwen 1-200 or 1 - 20 will be much difference. Oh is much different when you see 82 or 85 you know this player is little better in real game and little better in game then other because fm show 85 but the other one is little worst and have 82. So Kucharczyk have the same pass skill like Hernandez or Lukaku? they both have 10 in pass what make me laught. If you will be see for Kucharczyk 50 in pass to 58 for Hernandez or Lukaku you know and you see Lukaku is little better then Kucharczyk in pass the ball. Look on FIFA ok i know other games but in FIFA Gomez have finishing 80 and Lewandowski have 88 is fm scale 18 and 18 for example and that show ooo the are the same finisher! not that cant be! if you see i game Gomez 80 Lewandowski 88 you know who is better FIFA attributes in FM will be nice idea.
  6. Yes of course you right but when somebody want play FC Barcelona on start game and what?? they take new manager completly now? who never be manager somewhere? how this like? or take the same Manchester United or Chelsea because they want try and play first season in this clubs? that look very unrealistic also. I dont know how can do that but will be sometimes nice play like Guardiola or Conte. You see for example Conte start in Chelsea other tactic and style start play 4-2-3-1 after bad play change on his style. So some managers change style depends what team is it so that will be just extra options for gamers like the same how challanges in fm now.
  7. But i am sure this must be change because 1-20 is little to narrow between players. Attributes 1 to 100 will be better because 1 to 200 are too much for me. Because sometimes is Crazy when you have two player which are good in pass ball the are similar but one is little better and will be much clear to give for example 85 for this player and for another 82 that show still good in pass but he is little worst then other one. Look like Mario Gomez in FM and Lewandowski both have 17 finishing in game but we know in Real game Lewandowski shots 30 goals in year Gomez shots 20-25 also good but is little worst than Lewandowski and much clear when that will be show Lewandowski finishing 90 and Gomez 85 still two are good finishers but Lewandowski is little better.
  8. Hi, I wonder if the FM did not I would have liked to change attributes, in the range 1 - 20 to the interval 1-100. In my opinion, 1-20 range is too narrow in FM. For example, you have in FM Icardi and Suarez both have finishing 18 but we knows Suarez shots more more goals that Icardi. Therefore, I think the better typified by a range of 1 to 100 Where, for example, Icardi will be have 90 finishing(still very good) and Suarez have 99(amazing) and that will be most show who is better in shots i know 1 to 20 is easier but sometimes is crazy when i see in game Danny Welbeck finishing 15 and Cavani also finishing 15 when we know Cavani shots more more goals! better will be when show for example Welbeck finishing like 69 Cavani finishing like 85. Is similar attributes in FIFA but show better potential all players the same in Passing the ball if i see Lewandowski have the same passing the ball 13 like Sturridge! i just laughing! I see in the game how sometimes Lewandowski pass nice ball and how do that Sturridge or Mandzukic which have the same pass ball like Lewandowski. More clear will be for all when attributes show Lewandowski pass 80 Sturridge pass for example 70 still good but how in real football Lewandowski is little better in that. That just my opinion what you thing? That will be show distance beetwen very good player, amazing player and bad player. Because sometimes you see player x have speed 17 and player y have the same speed but you see in real game player y is little faster than player x so put for player y speed for example 80 and for player x 76 still very good speed but show little difference beetwen player x and player y.
  9. I have other idea about that you can make choice like the same you can choice in FM you can be male or female so Will be nice idea that you can start your management like new coach or take control on other coach. Is not bat idea i think so some people will be like to take club and be Antonio Conte! for example hehe.
  10. Yes is exactly the same. Before last update no problem after new update problem coming. And any fresh game install nothing help.
  11. Hello from the latest patches I have a problem I play FM 2017 on Windows 10 in advance of the latest patch was not the problem. Does not work now launching the FM mode in the game window. When I select the game options in the window the game is minimized to an icon on the taskbar. By clicking on the icon of the game can not return to the FM. The game is in the process of system. There is no possibility of returning to her and I have to restart your computer. The game only works on full screen but also here if I play in full screen and then click the tab + alt to go out for a moment to desktop icon game minimizes to the system tray, and there is no possibility of returning to game. I note the Beta version before the release and the last patch was not the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this ??? Thank you for any answer.
  12. Kun your skin is fantastic but my fonts make terrible i have no ŁĘ and tp in Polish i have in words like that Gam?s or P?ay any idea to fix that?
  13. Somebody know SI planning new patch to FM with all winter transfers update or not??
  14. Thank you bro! because i have update with winter transfers 2016 from sortitoutsi live update and i want start the game in possibility real time that why i start for new 2016 year thank you very much!!
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