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  1. Two of the best players in the world at two of the biggest clubs in the world. I wouldn't even try sign them lol What club are/were you?
  2. I was tempted to go (my beloved) Liverpool but I went for AFC Bournemouth instead. Finished my first Premier league season with them.I went for a fairly standard 4-4-2 defensive/counter attack, depending who I was up against. I enjoyed the ever living poo poo out of my season. Finished 15th. I was up to sixth with 9 games gone and thought, meh, too easy. Then I saw my next few fixtures. Wnt on a 13 game streak where I got a few draws but no wins. Had me worried for a bit Loving FM 16. Thank you SI
  3. Could be a few thing. Maybe they want to build a new stadium for "future proofing". Are they renting their 16,200 capacity stadium? Is it a bit dilapidated? Let's not forget, even Juventus had to down size when it came to their stadium. Juve are a very successful club in the real world and even they couldn't fill Stadio Delle Alpi.
  4. Agree 100% Siven. But 16 does seem far more polished than previous release day products. I'm happy with my purchase.To be quite honest though, I'm not sure what they can add in terms of features. It's all pretty much been done.
  5. Hi mate. You need to select "advanced options" on the New Game overview screen. The screenshot should help https://gyazo.com/03c9802b6a58cf1f3875f71f7a19b442
  6. I never used an (official or otherwise) editor in ANY of the FM games. I love Liverpool but if I won everything with them I'd get bored right quick. Right now I'm in season 4 struggling to finish third and keep my job lol. Only won the FA Cup and the League Cup in four seasons :/
  7. I'm a reactive manager. I love my 442 but if things start to go belly up (which is often) only then will I change from it.
  8. I never read them. I'm surprised my mouse button still works to be honest
  9. Agreed. It's stupid. I didn't buy any players at the end of a season (greedy board wouldn't give me money) nce and all mine dropped to 50% too.
  10. There's the possibility of causing issues. I think anybody that knows more than the basics of Windows will confirm this. I hate the idea of having stuff in the registry if it's not needed.
  11. That doesn't delete the registry entries and won't show hidden files and folders. Which is what he asked for.
  12. Not very. I use Folding@Home when I'm AFKing/going to shops etc. It'd be very easy to let FM run away in the background while you're gone Excellent thread mate. I see Liverpool still in the bottom half in 900 years time
  13. Fm 13 is a 32bit app therefor won't use more than 4 gig. But even at that it never seems to go over two gig. I have 8 gig of ram myself and FM13 + the operating system never goes over 3.2gig of ram. Most PCs of the past two or even three years are/can run 64bit OSes but a lot of people don't know or care if their PC is 32 or 64 bit once it works for them. I'd love if SI did a 64bit patch for x64 users but I'd image this would cause massive problems if you play online/local network with somebody on a x32 OS. I do feel your pain matey.
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