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  1. Especially if the game goes to extra time like the FA Cup where you get the fourth sub. You can't change the tactics before the team talk. You can only do it afterwards.
  2. Hi All, I like the Dugout feature. I forget the old name for it, like 'match analysis' or something. I used it all the time if I missed an injury occur and wanted to know the severity. I see it come up occasionally in FM21, but I can't find out where to access it directly! Anyone know how I can do this? On a slightly related note, one feature I've desired for years is an option to pause for injuries like it will do so for serious ones requiring substitution. I like to take a cautious approach to knocks and take care of my players, but it's very easy to miss a knock beca
  3. What are the differences in start dates in FM21? If I want to play a National League North/South side, I still see Early Preseason (July 2020), but there is also National League North/South Early Preseason (Sept 2020). If I choose the first does it have no fixtures until September or is it as if a Covid-19 delayed start never occurred? If I choose the later, will the fixtures be jammed together to finish the following summer? Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere already, but I couldn't see it.
  4. If using the Football Manager 2020 database available on release (because I don't want all the midseason transfers from the start) will it include changed attributes, CAs, PAs, etc or any other added players, free agents?
  5. Maybe it's a by-product of the new "Play for Set Pieces" tactical instruction.
  6. Thank you for editing your own post with the solution. I was watching this post curious to know an answer as well and this will help others if they're trying to find the solution.
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