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  1. If using the Football Manager 2020 database available on release (because I don't want all the midseason transfers from the start) will it include changed attributes, CAs, PAs, etc or any other added players, free agents?
  2. Maybe it's a by-product of the new "Play for Set Pieces" tactical instruction.
  3. I don't know if it's worth mentioning all this time later, but my PC had all drives formatted and Windows re-installed so I thought I would try once more. Started a new Football Manager 2017 game on the default database with no edits and I'm still faced with the managers having updated movements.
  4. I'm sorry for the very late reply to my thread. I have reinstalled the game and started a save without edits on the original Football Manager 2017 database. The result is identical. Leicester with Shakespeare as caretaker manager while Ranieri is unemployed.
  5. I always play with the default Football Manager 2017 Database (as in without the Winter Update). When I start the game, however, it seems to have updated manager movements. Valverde takes over Leicester right away and Bob Bradley is in charge of Swansea for example. All of the players seem to be at their original clubs. Is there anything I've possibly done to cause this or is this the usual case? Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure, but I suppose it's possible that it relates to the game's Free to Play Weekend.
  7. I have a somewhat related series of questions. Is the additional focus the player giving up extra time on top for training or is it simply they are spending the same amount of training time while focusing on a particular area? At lower levels where there won't be any drastic change in abilities, is it even worth setting additional focuses? What if the player has hit their PA?
  8. I'm playing on the original database following the recent update, but Bob Bradley is managing Swansea City and Ranieri was replaced at the very start of the season at Leicester. Is this normal?
  9. I received one (but I do own three Football Manager titles on Steam).
  10. Yeah, it's a royal pain. It almost never works for me and sometimes when it does, they set friendlies one or two weeks then don't for several months. It's shambolic.
  11. Is there any way to force Steam to not update Football Manager? I'd rather keep my long-term save going with a particular patch and not have it affected by any changes. Also, slightly unrelated, but once the January transfer update comes out, how do you play with the original line-ups of players?
  12. I've been searching everywhere for information on today's update and I still can't find anything. Where does SI post this information? Even if it's "Nothing", it would be nice to at least be informed as such.
  13. Thank you for editing your own post with the solution. I was watching this post curious to know an answer as well and this will help others if they're trying to find the solution.
  14. I tend to play mainly in the lower English leagues and I played F.C. United of Manchester in the beta and the full release of FM 16. In the beta, he was a maniac scoring more than a goal per game. In the full release, he was atrocious and constantly offside. I'm currently playing with Truro City and target man Matthew Wright was scoring several goals in each pre-season friendly (although mainly against weaker sides). He is yet to score in ten league matches though
  15. I found the same with Adelaide United. Thankfully, Bruce Djite, (whether due to my tactic or not) was a goal machine. If only he had the same consistency in real life!
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