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  1. Ummm... could you please add the / to my first set of coding...thanks
  2. Hey Dafuge, I know the original start is not my post, but is there any chance you could add this to the first post in This thread. Would be great if you can if not I understand
  3. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5402079...412044014#3412044014 Any chance you could please delete this post for me, I did the links wrong i will correct them in the next post. thanks. Des
  4. Could you please delete This post
  5. Done </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thank you very much
  6. Hey is there any chance you could please fix the missing [code ] tag from after the Pre-Season cup title section. here
  7. The same opinion </div></BLOCKQUOTE> See NZ may not interest some people, but more african leagues does not exactly interest everyone either. The reason I suggest NZ was because we have no Oceanic leagues at all. But yes I would also prefer it as an option to create leagues or something similar in the editor, or possibly make it possible to change the rules in a league so we can change them and set them up how they should be
  8. Not to be a stickler, but Oceania actually has no leagues in the game. Australia is part of the Asian Football Association, both domestically and internationally. So lets at least put one NZ League in the game. NZFC!!! But I am in agreement, North America, Africa and Oceania need more leagues.
  9. Haha I started supporting Gateshead for this exact reason, go the Mighty Tynesiders in the BSN next season. You know you are addicted to FM when you see a team come 4th in real life and turn to your flatmate saying, "My God their Manager needs a headcheck, I won the league without buying in a single player last season." Another quote heard this season was "Newcastle lost to Derby? What I even beat them with their lowly neighbours Gateshead in the FA Cup 4th round. Someone should buy Star Attacking Midfielder, or not have let Star Goal Keeper out on loan to me"
  10. When your AMC scores a 90min scorcher from the edge of the box into the top right corner and you run around the house like an aeroplane celebrating your victory and swearing that he will never be dropped. And then asking why Arsenal hasn't signed this Slovenian Star.
  11. Just on a note about the continents challenge, the reason there is no Hall of Fame for OCeania is because there are no playable Oceania Leagues. The Australian A-League is an Asian league, they play in the Asian Champions League, Australia qualifies forthe World Cup through Asia and everything. So then there are only 5 playable continents, just to point this out.
  12. Maybe just to make it interesting you could start with a club in England or Brazil or wherever really and play as them until 2010 and then using only players from your club who have not been capped you take over the England job with a second manager and retire your current one
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