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  1. I agree its unrealistic for Arsenal to sign those players but also agree its unrealistic for Arsenal to win the Premier League quite easily in the game which happens. Signing those players is a direct flow on affect of the situations in the game. Mbappe and Hazard were available in my save due to there team having bad seasons which is unusual for there respective teams. Chelsea missed out on a CL spot so i have no doubt hazard would consider leaving.
  2. Yeah agree it was too easy to get the top players, Hazard was also listed in my save by request so was an option also. The Gunners have cash to burn.
  3. Nearly finished my first season and did very well winning the league comfortably over Liverpool/man city. Also have the Euro Cup final against Chelsea I havnt played yet. Played a simple 4-2-3-1 and dropping the central mids for the away games. 1st transfer window – All in Australian Dollars Sold Petr Cech - $11 million Nacho Monreal - $40 million – Man Utd Laurent Koscielny - $39 million – Inter Shkodran Mustafi - $45million – Monaco Mohamed Elneny - $35 million - Milan Granit Xhaka - $45 million Danny Welbeck – $35 million –
  4. Has anyone had any experience with Bellotti or Icardi? Also highly recoment Gerson from Portugal for the RW, really good and after a year you get offers from bayern .
  5. Seri from Nice is star, plays as a B2B or DLP for my gunners save and got EPL player of the year. Very affordable as well.
  6. sold him start of the 2nd season. He was injured for 3 weeks at the end of the year so waited until he was fully fit. He had a really good year and won the premier league.
  7. i had that issue with Walcott when i started my arsenal save. Was worth 57 mill (all figures australian dollars) was about to sell him for 25 mill but he would accept newcastles offer. Kept him and he played really well and sold him later in the year for 65 mill. All depends on timing and form, which also happened in previous years, just hard to sell players at the beginning of a save.
  8. Yeah thought so too with his stats, would be handy to keep but normally in my first save i go over the top buying players, especially with Dolberg/Dembele/anderson all cheap who play in his positions, so was worth using him to strengthen my defense.
  9. Its really worth it. He has been the best rated player so far in the premier league (at the end of Jan in my first season).
  10. 20 mill and Welbeck who was valued at 50-60mill. All Austrlian Dollars. Wellbeck had interest when i tried to sell him but wasnt getting any good offers and as he is good in the game thought it was better to add add him to the deal to get some value out of him. Van Dijk has been my best player by far, so solid and gets a few goals from set pieces as well.
  11. Started my annual Arsenal save and had the below transfers: Please note all prices in Australian Dollars In: Ser 38 mill, Goretzka 35 mil, Dembele (celtic) 30 mil, arthur 20mil, Malang Sarr 10mil (sent out on loan), Dolberg 30 mil, Van dijk20 mil and welbeck, Anderson 40 mil. Angel Correa 13 mil, Darmien 20 mil and Bernet 17 mill all tranfer listed for very cheap all coming in Jan. Out: Sanchez 74 mil sold in october so is leaving in Jan, Coq 54 mil, elheny 50 mil, xhaka 52 mil, mustafi 54 mil, wellbeck P/ex, monreal 25 mil, Debuchy 5 mil (sold both monreal and
  12. Happen last year on the Beta, a few bargains were unrealistic and were fixed in the full game.
  13. Nice thread gandrasch, getting the game shortly but will have to wait until home from work to play. Always start with the gunners as my first save. Who is everyone signing in the first transfer window. Have been reading that Seri and Dembele (celtic) come at a decent price.
  14. Agree with you, i think I over paid for him but he's been pretty good for me and developed well. In the second season and his value is worth more than i paid (paid 37 mill AUS and worth 61 mill AUS in 2017). Speaking of left wingers, if you get Griezmann get him as he his unstopable for me as a inside forward on the left. Scores and assists for fun.
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