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    Chelsea fan, writing a book about football manager make sure to buy it!

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  1. What a read! I read this all in one haha really impressed with what you have done with the youth development, best part of the game in my opinion. This has been the best career I've followed since discovering the site in 2013 and good luck on getting the England job mate!
  2. Haha cheers mate nah I haven't as the book is still a work in progress but yeah I'll look to do that. Also I think fellow fmers like myself would loveto read a book about the trials and tribulations of managing:lol:
  3. Hey lads so I'm not sure where to put this but I decided to play it safe by going for the general discussion forum. I've been reading on here for ages but only decided to make an account now and there's something I wanted to tell you. I'm currently in the process of writing a book about FM. I pitched the idea to publishers and they said it's good. I'm not saying much about it but it's a decent read with a good plot. I'll alert you when it comes out and all those good shenanigans:thup: cheers lads and if this is in the wrong place then sorry:eek:
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