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  1. Hi guys. Quick query. I often read it as one of the givens of LLM that your players can't cope with sophisticated tactics. My Curzon Ashton team have done well with a narrow, direct 4-3-3, and in part I think it works because of its simplicity. However, I'd love to try something off the wall, like a Brazilian box or a strikerless, with a new Curzon save. Is this simply impossible with players that have Positioning 7, Anticipation 6 etc? Or will it just require a lot more fine tuning? Thanks
  2. Hi Geesus. Your formulation sounds a bit unbalanced - an Overload formation, perhaps, but you've got too many people forward when you've got the ball. For it to work with Control or Standard I think you want at most one striker on (A) and only one AP or B2B... In my team the BWM is important because he covers for the one WB I have.
  3. Here are my roles... --DF(D/S)--TM(S)--AF(A)-- ------------------------------ --CM(S/A)--DLP(D)--BWM(S) -------------------------------- FB(S)--CD(D)--CD(D)--WB(S) I must admit though it's got found out in League Two - I'd only recommend it if your players are as good or better than the opposition. If you're in the VNN you should be able to find someone quicker than Downey who can tackle and also has decent mental stats.
  4. I've had reasonable success with Curzon Ashton (two promotions, though not doing so well in League Two) playing a narrow 4-3-3 Standard (occasionally Control or Counter depending on the opposition). I think the reason it works is that I play direct to my target man, who then always tends to have a striker close to him for flick-ons etc, and also because I'm constantly scouring the transfer market - have managed to end every season with one of the strongest squads, even if I don't start with it. Don't use too many TI's - I only ever had 'more direct' passing and occasionally 'early crosses'. And try to find players with good physical and mental attributes - the Conference is all about 'winning your battles', I think. Another thing to bear in mind is that it doesn't always matter how you're player is rated for particular positions - I had Curzon's Alex Brown getting 7.6 first season in a Regista role, even though the coaches thought he couldn't do it. Also, bin off Dieter Downey, your coaches may love him but he can't tackle!
  5. Thanks guys. Two games left of first season, need four points from last two games to win the league. Changed the DF (D) to DF (S) and found myself scoring more but still staying solid - had a long unbeaten run mid-season full of 1-0s and 1-1s. And I massively upgraded my AF with 10 games to go and he's scored a goal a game! Interesting what you say about counter-attacking. Was wondering why I'd scored so few from counters! Will (hopefully) see how I get on in the Conference next year - will definitely need a much better Target Man.
  6. Does anyone have experience playing with a 4-3-3 with three strikers? I'm having decent success with it in the Vanarama South, largely because I tend to have so many players in the box to pick up ricochets (beautiful football, it ain't). My tactic is fairly basic, but basically involves whamming the ball in to them as quickly as possible - direct passing, faster tempo, early crosses, pump ball into box, and I adjust defensive line/width depending on the opposition. At the moment I have them lining up like this: DF(D)---TM(S)---(AF)A ------------------------- CM(S)---DLP(D)---BWM(S) --------------------------- FB(S)--CD(D)--CD(D)--WB(S) What I'm finding difficult is getting the right balance for it. If the Advanced Forward isn't in the centre, he always seems to end up stuck too far out wide - I don't want him crossing when he's my best finisher. But I don't want the Target Man out wide either. If I play a DLF instead of a Target Man would he get in the way of the DF? Could I even play an AF and a P if I'm looking to play solely on the counter? Obviously, any other pointers for the rest of the team would be appreciated too!
  7. I'm afraid I have a very rudimentary understanding of the engine compared to many on here, but having taken Weston-super-Mare to the Uefa Cup final (which I lost!) in 8 seasons I can offer the following advice from my own experiences: - BSS players are basically not good enough to play Counter. Accept that you're going to give chances away anyway and focus on getting players in the opposition box (ie Control/Attacking). - Players at that level tend to be only good at one thing (ie they're either physically good and technically poor, or vice versa). I decided to focus on getting the best physical team possible, and had a lot of success playing a narrow diamond with 4 very powerful quick midfielders dominating the centre of the park. You should be able to find 3/4 players with 12+ for every physical attribute on very low wages. Ignore the other stats as the difference between passing 3 and passing 5 is negligible. - Don't be afraid to have a massive squad. There will be loads of injuries/fatigue, and using rolling contracts, if someone wants first team football you can always release them. - Keep an eye out for regens. I found a 16 year old in my BSS season who's still playing for me in the EPL. Many can be signed on £5 a week and can be BSS stars immediately. - Trawl African U-18 and U-21 teams for players with second nationalities. - Finally, do your best to recruit a good corner taker and free kick taker. At BSS level, Free Kicks/Long Shots 13 can mean 5/6 goals a season. Likewise corners. Hope this helps
  8. 1. Is there any point to the 'Never' toggle in the Opposition Instructions screen? Ie why would I 'Never' want to close an opposition player down? Similarly is there any point in showing a player onto their stronger foot? Why is this even an option? 2. Will a player who's a 'Natural' fullback but Accomplished centre-back perform worse than a Natural centre-back who has the same attributes? 3. I have a young striker with Aggression 19 who is always 'aggressive' or 'nervous' during games. Is there any way of calming him down? Or is an aggressive striker a good thing? 4. If I've had a fullback three years, and my assistant says he's still trying to fit in with the team (or something like that), will he ever fit in? And how much might that affect his performances? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the advice! So I tried what you suggested and still lost 3-0 to an inferior team playing this formation. Decided I had to see if I could crack it - driving me nuts - so I saved and reloaded it. Have now played the same match against Newcastle 17 times, each time with a different tweak, and lost every one by at least 2 goals, ending a 12 match unbeaten run. Genuinely wondering if the game is scripted sometimes? You'd expect in at least one of those games for one of their players to get injured or sent off. Any thoughts?
  10. So here's my problem. I've been playing an attacking/control narrow diamond all the way from Blue Square South to EPL. I like how aggressive the tactic is, and I enjoy watching the interplay between my front three (AF/DLF and a T). One thing I hate about it though is that there's one tactic it consistently gets destroyed by - a high 4-2-3-1. In the Conference I remember losing 4-0 to Shrewsbury using it in the playoff final. In League One, Wigan beat my by 3 home and away. Likewise Millwall and Crystal Palace in the Championship. This season I've lost 3-0 to Everton and 3-1 to Newcastle playing it. It is hugely frustrating. I've tried dropping deep and playing direct. It just invites more pressure. I've tried playing a patient 4-5-1. I've tried man marking their wide players, their strikers. Going in hard. Everything. I just can't work it out and it's really affecting my enjoyment of the game - no fun to be had when you can't learn from your mistakes! So, the opposition lines up against you like this - how do you play? ----------ST----------- AML----AMC------AMR -----MC-----MC------ ---------------------- DL-----DC--DC------DR Thanks!
  11. I removed 'Play through the middle', switched my FB(S) to a WB(A) and split my two CM (S) into a DLP (S) and a CM (A). Luckily the players I had were well suited to the new roles. What seems to have changed is that by pushing both fullbacks up, I'm pushing opposition wingers back much more effectively - having far fewer problems down the flanks. I'm also seeing more of my play funnelled through my DLP whereas before it was my HB, and he seems to be better at playing sensible passes.
  12. Amazing how small changes can make such a big difference - 4 wins out of 5 with these tweaks, including a 2-1 away at Man City and a 5-0 at home to Newcastle! Thanks guys!
  13. Thanks, I'll give that a go. When I lose, it's either being murdered on the counterattack (my CBs are both fairly nippy but not when it comes to a striker with 18/19 pace/acceleration) or being swamped around my box. I've read a great deal on here about how these two problems can be overcome by dropping deeper or direct passing, but I find whenever I try either of these approaches I give up whatever control I had and get completely penned in. Another question - if I did play with DLP would it still be worth having a Trequartista? I don't really understand what happens if two players in your team are focal points, as it were. The biggest problem with my tactic is it's hopeless in situations where you're a huge underdog - it's great against similar or worse teams but I took it to Stamford Bridge and lost 7-1!
  14. So. I've got Weston-Super-Mare up to the Premier League using a narrow diamond the whole way. It's set up like this: Attacking / Fluid --------AF(a)---DLF(s)------ -------------T(a)------------- --------CM(s)--CM(s)-------- ------------HB (d)------------ WB(a)--CD(d)-CD(d)--FB (s) Team Instructions: Shorter Passing, Exploit the Middle, Play Wider, Push Up More, Close Down Much More. Many of these have come from lurking in the forum and seeing how other people have made this shape work, partly as well my, ahem, philosophy has always been to play aggressively. I've found as long as I've been able to sign good full-backs and a good Trequartista, I score the most goals in the division each year and many games I'm two or three nil up at half time (at which point I Retain Possession and close down less). The downside to this tactic is every year one or two teams play with CF/AML/AMC/AMR/MC/MC and destroy me. I've lost 4-0 to Shrewsbury, Millwall, Crystal Palace, home and away, all due to the formation. I accept this because I'm not clever enough to understand how to counteract. I guess it's just the perfect way to play against my shape. The reason I ask for help is that the Premier League seems to be a completely different kettle of fish. All but two or three of my players are Premier League quality but I'm losing every match by two or three goals. My simple approach doesn't cut it any more, and the game's quickly become pretty miserable. Any suggestions for how I could tweak my tactic would be really appreciated. Cheers!
  15. I've had reasonable success with this shape, the key is having very good fullbacks - fast, hardworking and decent at passing/dribbling/crossing. Also try playing with a Half Back with good jumping/heading to help defend crosses. With regards to the tempo, I found short passing and high tempo worked better in lower leagues where the players were too poor to keep the ball (ie play slow). Otherwise keep tempo at medium (ie not lower or higher). I have always played fluid as I think with a narrow shape it helps to have players moving around as much as possible (although I'm still not sure I really understand what fluidity really means!) Hope this helps
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