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  1. He is on me roster the entire time. I get a message that he is reassigned to my team and he is removed from the line up
  2. You misunderstood me. The goalie is contracted to an AHL team (Stockton). The problem is what they are reasigning him to my team over and over again without calling him back.He is always on my roster but i get a message that hi is reassigned to my team and he is removed from the lineup in the tactics screen.
  3. As the title says the computer continue to assign the same player to my team in ECHL over and over again It is annoying because i have to go to the tactic screen and assign the goalie to the lineup before every match Obs! the player is never called home he is in my team the entire time.
  4. Have tried to run run the game in borderless window mode? What fixed the problem for me
  5. Yes but only when i use full screen mode. If i change to borderless the lines disappears
  6. The founder clubs in at least in sweden are only guaranteed a place in the tournament as long as they play in SHL
  7. Try to choose borderless instead of fullscreen until next update
  8. When i press continue on gameday the game randomly (1/ month in game)crashes to desktop without error message I have uploaded two examples to the ftp Named karlskrona1 and Karlskrona2. pc win10 TBL 8.1 If i go on a 1 day vacation i can continue the game the next day after what i play normally for a while
  9. What correct you have it officially here page 10 ( in swedish i cant find a english version) http://www.swehockey.se/ImageVaultFiles/id_96753/cf_78/SB_2015-2016_150525.PDF
  10. problem solved! Had to disable F-security. Strange old program worked before and EHM-EA is the only game not working with active security program
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