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  1. First game with Spurs, only played a few weeks (in game!). On the verge of signing Berahino, and now Man Utd desperately want to buy Kane!
  2. With a pre-order directly with Steam, I'd assume the game would automatically download.
  3. This looks like the cheapest pre-order so far: http://www.instant-gaming.com/en/470-buy-key-steam-football-manager-2015/
  4. Is Soldado actually that good? For me he is just a squad player, I've been trying to sell him but his high wages make a move away difficult
  5. Its weird, but I've ended up signing the players that spurs signed in real life.. Currently in August 2014, after having signed Ben Davies in the first summer window, I've now found myself finalising a deal for Eric Dier! (he seems pretty cheap for a 20 year old English CB) End of 2013/14 season I finished 5th, just 2 points off 4th placed Everton. Signings in first season: Finished my first season having qualified for Europa League in 5th, and won the Europa League after beating Atletico Madrid in the final! Summer of 2014, here is my transfer activity: My current squad (albeit hit by injury! Ade out for 3 months, and Dzeko out for 5 weeks right before the league kicked off, what luck!) Just finalising the contract for Dier now, pretty messy with the agent ownership as well.. Does anyone know how good Dier develops to? Same applies for Origi as well? Does the winner of the Europa League from season 2014/15 qualify for the Champions League like in real life now?
  6. I used to absolutely love the FM games, particularly FM 07, 08 and 09. But since then my love from FM has gradually declined, probably contributed by the fact I'm getting older and busier.. I have FM 13, and found it okay... Enjoyed it, but no where near the love I had for previous titles. I've read some abysmal reviews on Amazon, which is driving me away from trying FM 14. Also some concerns regarding the difficulty of the game, I would only consider full mode on FM however. I've got a lot of spare time this summer and FM 14 is now only £8.75 on Steam now, should I bother getting it? Thanks
  7. £23.38 at GamingDragons. http://www.gamingdragons.com/en/game/buy-football-manager-2014-steam-key.html
  8. I know fixtures can get congested, but can it really get this bad? (Away games on both 26th and 27th December!)
  9. I'd like an option to have all player names made up, so you're no biased with real life players at all!
  10. Only other thing I can think of is restore your PC, if you only just deleted your last restore point should have it there.
  11. Straightforward question really... I'm playing as Aldershot on FM13, and have Stoke City as my parent club.. They have only sent me 1 player on loan over a period of 4 years, which isn't great! Im going to terminate the link and find a new one, just wondering when they pay the annual fee? Don't want to terminate it just before!
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